Who wants to give shelter cats Loki & Nanuk a chance?

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The 3-month-old kitten duo: who wants to give Loki & Nanuk a 2nd chance?

Photo: Clara Rechenberg / Animal Shelter Berlin

Loki & Nanuk are two adorable little kittens, currently living in the Berlin animal shelter and looking for a new home.

The Berlin animal shelter is full of dogs and cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and more: around 1400 animals live there – and are hoping for a new home. So are Loki & Nanuk: want to give cats a chance?

Why do animals continue to be abandoned? Hard to say: Many are probably overwhelmed with caregiving and have imagined that cohabitation is easier or at least different. It is good that there are many animal shelters in Germany that take care of these poor creatures and take care of them.

But this is not permanent: there are simply too many animals – so such stations should only be a temporary place to stay. But you can help: Wouldn’t you like to give a dog, cat or other small animal a chance and provide them with a loving environment? We regularly introduce you to its residents animal shelter in berlin. Today: Cats Loki & Nanuk are looking for a new home.

The residents of the animal shelter in Berlin are looking for a home – today: cats Loki & Nanuk

Loki & Nanuk may look like brothers, but they actually come from different families. The two adorable mini tomcats met at the animal shelter and are inseparable. They perfectly complement each other in character and therefore look for a home together, which they can explore together and occasionally screw something up…

Loki is slightly taller and whiter-faced than Nanook. Luckily he was found with siblings and a mother so they can all live together as a family in the mother cat’s house. But every beginning is difficult, and so the guardians had to put their hands under the offspring’s legs when raising them – Loki in particular had a hard time growing up. But it was worth it, Loki has blossomed into a cheeky young cat. All of his siblings have already moved on, leaving Loki feeling sad, bored and alone. In another group, another cat felt the same way: Nanuk. And so the two came together!

As it should be: The hangover duo likes to rage and do a lot of stupid things

Nanuk with the cute, big goblin ears has a similar background to Loki: He was also found with his mother and siblings – but was abandoned by a skipper in a parking lot. They also needed help raising the puppies because the mother wasn’t eating enough and had a bad infection in her nipples. As a result, she didn’t have enough milk, but devoted herself to her puppies despite her stomach ache.

Making Loki & Nanuk friends went absolutely smoothly. Nanuk is a bit more shy and reserved than Loki, noticing his friend a lot and orienting himself towards him: If Loki thinks someone is great, Nanuk is there a little later to hug, purr and meow amicably.

Dear people would be perfect for the tomcat duo, which could offer the two the possibility of later release in a quiet area without dangerous roads – of course only after adequate acclimatization and castration. Children in the household should be an enrichment for everyone – but ultimately Nanuk will probably decide if it’s really a good fit. Lots of variety and activity is important to the young animals’ new home – when they’re bored they tend to do even more nonsense and the two do quite a bit of that as they wander and explore…

His clear profile Loki & Nanuk:

operator number

22/1442 & 1678






European shorthair

Date of birth

2 & 11 May 2022 (almost three months)


about 15 cm


about 1700 gr

at the shelter since then

2 & 11 May 2022

Suitable for

quiet area without dangerous roads with the possibility of later release

Not suitable for

a house without many places to hide and play

Shelter workers are sure: Loki & Nanuk make two wonderful, loving friends for anyone who chooses cats – provided the environment is right. Would you like to give them a home? Then contact your breeders at Schillow-Haus and send an e-mail to schillow1@tierschutz-berlin.de

Of course, not only Loki & Nanuk are happy about a successful placement in a loving home: many other animals are also waiting for her! At tierschutz-berlin.de you will find the animal residents, as well as a lot of information about the animal shelter, such as how you can donate or become a volunteer, as well as a lot of useful information about adopting an animal.

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