Full animal shelters in NRW after the coronavirus: Holidays are more important, right?

Animal shelters in NRW are full. After the pandemic, the trend of getting a pet is declining. Flexibility and travel are more important, right?

Dortmund – When the summer holidays are possible again, the pet will be annoying. What started out as a fun employment project ended up being over the top and uninteresting. Because animal shelters in NRW are currently close to their load limit, reports the WDR. For many people, a sense of responsibility and a sense of duty to a living being seem to be foreign words, says RUHR24 writer and dog owner Karolin Stevelmans.

Full animal shelters after coronavirus: Pets have satisfied people’s boredom during the pandemic

Many people’s desire to travel is as high this summer as it was before the pandemic years. Summer holidays are in full swing and airports are very busy. But in the last two years things have been very different. Lockdown, working from home and holidays within your own walls have given many people new ideas.

He needed a pet of his own. After all, there was not only enough time, but also the desire for company. In 2020, animal shelters in Germany saw a real rush of placement requests. Many dogs and cats have found new homes. For the year 2020 alone, the Animal Welfare Association reports an increase in dogs of around 600,000 animals compared to the previous year.

It was already clear at this point: Many animals will not stay with their owners for two years. And that doesn’t seem to surprise anyone. Because taking long-term responsibility for a living being is already asking too much of some people (more news from NRW on RUHR24).

Complete post-Corona animal shelters: fit for fun, repatriated for life

When an animal is no longer fluffy and small, it becomes uninteresting. Puppies bought then are now very laborious when mad. When everyday life calls us again, the dog is right in front. Purchased pets only provided entertainment for their owners for a short time.

Many dogs are abandoned in shelters after the pandemic.

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If cute Instagram photos of the latest acquisition continue to be posted in lockdown, the pet will disappear from the scene this summer. Then he says quietly and secretly: End of animal shelter station. Boredom during lockdown is over, so pet has no value.

In addition, a large number of delivery dogs are noisy daily NEWS Show behavior problems because they are not socialized. Many Corona pet owners have apparently not thought about appropriate breeding for the breed. And animal shelters now have to pay for the injustice of many people.

The current wave of sales reflects the reluctance of many to make long-term commitments. As a dog owner, it is incomprehensible how anyone can be so careless with an animal’s life.

Complete animal shelters after the coronavirus: An animal means responsibility – and that for life

For some people, the long-awaited dream of owning a dog could hardly go fast enough. The pet boom could not be handled by German animal shelters and breeders alone, so the high demand also boosted the illegal puppy trade. Countless puppies were bred under the most appalling conditions and smuggled across borders. Only to end up back at the shelter two years later.

The dogs are waiting in their boxes at the shelter. During the Corona period, many people apparently bought dogs without treating them in a way that was appropriate for the species.

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If you want to get a pet, you should know the consequences. If you decide to get an animal, things like holiday care, suitable dog schools and high veterinary costs need to be considered. A long-term commitment of around 15 years should also be clear when buying a pet.

But it seems as if the desire for commitment has passed and flexibility and wanderlust have prevailed. In difficult phases, people simply give up. True to the motto: Out of sight, out of mind.

It is also quite clear that there will not only be brilliant moments with a four-legged friend. Responsibility means work. But if you commit to an animal long-term and with all your heart, you will be twice as happy in the end. Almost every pet owner will attest to this. Note: This commentary is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of the entire editorial team.

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