Electric Brands XBUS Camper (2023): electric camper van

Innovations 2023

German start-up Electric Brands is bringing an electric bus to market. The XBUS will also be available in a camper version with a lifting roof from the market launch in 2023.

In the Hessian Itzehoe sits get started called Electric Brands. In addition to the mini electric car “Evetta”, the company also manufactures a light commercial vehicle, the so-called XBUS. Announced two years ago under the name E-Bussy, now the production-ready model has been revealed, which will be presented to the public in July 2022: the XBUS.

Is the vehicle or the concept behind it entirely new? No, not exactly. There are some complex ones family relationships: Evetta is related to Microlino from the Swiss company of the same name. The XBUS is essentially a further development of the Artega Karo, an offshoot of the Microlino. This vehicle was taken over by Electric Brands, which acquired the Artega company. So much for the view of the ancestral gallery and the past.

XBUS focuses on the future

Electric Brands wants to revolutionize the market with the small electric van. It is said to be one of the most modular and sustainable vehicles on the market thanks to its compact size, low weight and advanced energy management. The financing of the project was also innovative – more than 1.2 million euros came from a number of investmentscampaign together.

Electrical brands

The cockpit of the show vehicle is also bright green. At the wheel of the XBUS you can travel a maximum of 600 km.

The XBUS is 3.95 meters long and 1.69 meters wide. Depending on the model, it is 1.96 or 2.04 meters high. There are two models to get you started. The permissible total weight is 1.6 tons and the loading volume of the XBUS is – depending on the model – up to 5.3 square meters.

The total power of the engines is 15 kW, the maximum power is 56 kW. It’s almost the same 76 horsepower. The maximum speed of the vehicle is on 100 km/h strangled.

How far can you go with XBUS?

The vehicle’s electrically controlled four-wheel drive has a torque of just over 1,000 Nm. The battery capacity of the XBUS is 45 kWh, 15 of which are permanently installed. With the built-in battery, the range is 200 km. 200 is added for every 15 kWh. Optionally, you can expand the energy pack with a replaceable battery. Then another 30kWh comes on top. The maximum range is therefore very promising 600 km. However, each battery adds weight to the vehicle.

Electric Brands XBUS (2023)

Electrical brands

The XBUS as a camper version: A lifting roof creates more height inside, a rear extension provides 2.10 meters of sleeping space.

XBUS can also create greater range in other ways. The roof surface of the minibus is fascinating. Here is one to six square meters solar leaf connected – so you can charge independently on the go. Assuming the sun is shining, of course. Solar modules can produce an additional up to 10 kWh.

XBUS Camper extension

The camping equipment of the electric caravan includes sleeping space for two people in one Deck area 2.10 x 1.30 meters and a lifting roof that creates headroom. A kitchen with sink, fridge and stove are also on board. Electric Brands also installs a television and a fresh water tank in the vehicle.

Electric Brands XBUS (2023)

Electrical brands

With a bed and kitchen, the e-bus becomes a camper.

Two versions of the XBUS Camper are available: H Predefined-Camper with standard chassis and the off road-Camper with off-road chassis.

There are a total of 9 different units for the XBUS, in addition to being used as a camper van, it can also be used as a truck, tipper, bus, convertible or pickup.

A 12 volt battery powers the onboard loads. This, in turn, is powered by the 48 volt drive battery.

The prices of XBUS

  • XBUS base – Basic model with a range of around 200 km: 17,380 euros
  • XBUS Camper Standard – with standard frame: 29,480 euros
  • XBUS Camper Offroad – with off-road chassis: 31,680 euros

Electric family from Electric Brands

The XBUS is not the only vehicle offered by electric brands. As mentioned above, there is a mini electric car in the portfolio. Evetta is 2.48 meters long and 1.50 meters wide. The vehicle is said to have a range of up to 200 kilometers and a top speed of 90 km/h.

In addition, Electric Brands offers two e-scooters. The NES5 and NES10 are 45 km/h and 90 km/h respectively and can cover a range of up to 90 km. An e-scooter called the N1e completes the offering. It has a 240 watt motor and a range of 20 kilometers.


The XBUS can be ordered from July 22, 2022. 250 dealers in Germany have the bus on offer. According to the XBUS website, there are already over 16,000 pre-orders. XBUS is due to be delivered from 2023.

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