The startup wants to create a reusable system for sending parcel services

Logistics play an important role in a green economy.


Logistics play an important role in a green economy.


How a startup with modern software enables the management of reusable packaging in a closed-loop sense.

xpack green logistics GmbH & Co. KG is a start-up dealing with green logistics and solutions for sustainable parcel shipping. The focus of the business is a reusable system for sending parcel services and controlling e-commerce processes.

In addition to the different reusable packaging, sending and returning the packaging is also part of the business, so that a closed loop is implemented. Hence the requirement for IT: A robust solution for all tasks and operational processes that offers room for easy scalability is required.

Expanding the range of services

It all started with the reusable TyrePack for wheels and tires. After the first successes, the range of products was expanded. Now xpack green logistics offers not only a reusable, robust packaging solution for different products, but also a complete reusable system, including an incentive and return system.

After initially using simple and only temporarily suitable solutions with standard office software, the need for a customized software solution was recognized. The volume of data and the need for special functions for logistics and order management tasks could only be met with individual software. This should handle backend as well as frontend tasks.

Based on a special monitoring and detection function, the system should provide information on the following questions, for example:

  • Where is free reusable packaging available?
  • Which reusable packaging is on its way to which customers?
  • Has some reusable packaging already been returned?

Reality shows that when a customer orders products online, they don’t want to deal with packaging. Therefore, all tasks related to packaging should be as easy for both the sender and the recipient as for single-use packaging. The reusable packaging that the goods are shipped in can be reused directly for returns. If they are not required for return, they are processed and returned to the loop (closed life cycle loop).

In terms of software integration, it was a particular challenge to connect a large number of external systems from the various parcel service providers. Basic functions such as sending notifications, e-mails and monitoring were to be handled through the new software.

TMS WEB Core Web Framework

The project was implemented with the Baden-Württemberg software development company Symproject. The company is involved in project management, software development, IT consulting and technology consulting. The focus of the company is the development of software systems for the aviation and aviation security sectors.

The company deploys modern cloud and web technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, in software development and secure operation, affordable even to medium-sized customers. The Symproject team has been working successfully with TMS Software tools for several years. Therefore, the TMS WEB Core web framework was used for the xpack green logistics project.

Simplify web application development, speed up development processes

The goal of TMS WEB Core is to radically simplify the development of modern web applications on the client side and significantly speed up the development process. Instead of HTML, CSS and Javascript, programming is done consistently in the Object Pascal language. This has been an established object-oriented programming language for years, particularly used in the Delphi development environment. One form of Object Pascal is Free Pascal, which is available for different operating systems. With TMS WEB Core, the entire application is coded in Pascal syntax.

“In an agile framework, we need the ability to build functional web applications very quickly for a fast-growing backend. TMS WEB Core offers exactly that with its RAD approach for Symproject,” says IT architect Martin Suer from Symproject, naming a of the main advantages of the web framework used.

Internally, the Pascal source code is translated into Javascript. Ultimately, however, the resulting web applications are based only on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and therefore can run in all browsers without additional dependencies.

Advantages of TMS WEB Core software

The chosen approach offers the necessary flexibility and allows for easy scalability. In particular, it enables rapid implementation of complex digital business processes and focus on the business case – all important requirements for modern software development, but especially for a startup with limited resources and a strong need for a production-ready solution. rapid market penetration.

The design of the facade deserves a special mention. With TMS WEB Core, the development team is offered a powerful graphical editor that allows the instant creation of the user interface with a large number of components. First, a complete, user-friendly and executable prototype of the web interface was created using drag and drop. The HTML and CSS code automatically generated by the built-in designer could later be manually adjusted for a better user experience and more attractive design. With this approach, the development team was able to focus primarily on implementing the business logic.

In this way, the development was accelerated and xpack green logistics received the required software solution in a very short time: a modern web application platform with the desired functions and interfaces.

Conclusion and Outlook

xpack green logistics had a very good business idea to create a sustainable logistics cycle for transport packaging. Initially, tasks could also be completed with standard applications. However, with the continuous growth and scaling of the business space, a modern individual software solution had to be created.

The shipment overview allows seamless tracking of the package.

The goal of a modern web application was effectively achieved through the use of TMS WEB Core. Compared to alternative web development approaches, good collaboration between the software development team and the web framework manufacturer played an important role.

Text: Elena Boskor and Veikko Krypczyk

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