The West is sabotaging itself in the fight against Putin – economy

Ukraine war


This is how Russia circumvents economic sanctions

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The family of oligarch and multi-billionaire Alisher Usmanow has three villas on Lake Tegernsee. According to EU law, they were not confiscated, but for now they can only be used privately and not sold.

(Photo: Martin Siepmann /imago images/Westend61)

Expectations for sanctions against Russia were high, but the system is full of holes – and the West is standing its ground in the fight against Putin. Research shows how lawyers, companies and banks help Russian oligarchs.

By Petra Blum and

Markus Zydra, Frankfurt

Meanwhile, the EU has imposed sanctions on more than 1,000 Russian oligarchs and nearly 100 companies and institutions. The affected Russian billionaires and politicians actually have to fear that their assets in Baden-Baden, Rome and London will be confiscated. But should you really?

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