Good Life Vans furniture unit for caravans

Innovations 2022

There are many caravan furniture units, but fewer than the Good Life Vans. Because in Module One, the bed is simply completely folded to the side.

The idea of ​​the Good Life Van furniture unit is simple. The furniture is aligned lengthwise and the bed folds down when not in use. In this way, the camper friends get a floor plan in which the “corridor” remains free and at the same time a maximum wide area. Founder Tobias Vetter is responsible for this concept. Design the unit according to your needs.

The basis for the operation of the unit is a so-called kitchen for dining. If the bed is to be folded, the entire kitchen block moves lengthwise and forms the basis for the bed system. If the mattress folds back against the side wall, the kitchen slides to the driver’s side and creates space for you to live, cook or load.

Without the right bottom plate would not work, so it is the second important part of the system. The main feature of the Good Life Van unit is that it can be removed from the vehicle without leaving any residue. Therefore, if you want to buy a different base vehicle later, you can take the unit with you in the new truck.

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How does a rollaway bed work?

Good Life Van

Come back please! The kitchen block “slips” along the rails.

For the bed, the Good Life Vans is based on a solid aluminum frame on which frames with slats and springs are mounted. The layer of cold foam on. In day mode, this folds to the driver’s side. When the construction folds, the mattress rotates and the liner extends the entire surface 1.60 x 2.00 meters. The bed has these dimensions in both the short and long wheelbase versions. The whole interior becomes a bed.

Campervan Good Life Van Module One

Good Life Van

And the back area becomes a large lounger area

Sliding rotation mechanism Good Life Vans call this technology because the kitchen block also moves along with the bed. With this system, the Bavarian brand brings a significant bonus to anyone traveling with bulky luggage or wanting to carry heavier loads in everyday life. Surfboards or bicycles can be easily loaded on holiday and stored safely.

Campervan Good Life Van Module One

Good Life Van

For cyclists, the precious two-wheeler must travel inside. No problem with Module One.

Kitchen, toilet and cupboard in Module One

During the day, campers in the van have a kitchen that spans almost the entire length of the living room. The equipment includes a stainless steel sink, a cartridge stove with 2 burners and variable workbenches that can be rotated and mounted in different ways. With an external bracket, you can even place a table on the sliding door.

Campervan Good Life Van Module One

Good Life Van

The table is variable and also serves as an additional desktop.

Those who prefer to cook outside when the weather is nice can just pull out the heavy-duty pull-out on the back and get a outdoor kitchen. Storage space is provided by 2 cupboards and a drawer.

It is very noticeable huge back wall the kitchen. Logically due to the construction of the bed. Customers can decorate the large area, if they wish, with a print or special decor. This is the wall that travelers face when sitting on the bench, located on the opposite side of the van. For long-wheelbase vehicles, there is also a seat block.

Latest development

Because customers often ask about extra seats vehicles with extra seats can now be ordered. With models from Schnierle and Aguti, more people can then drive. If the base vehicle has a sliding roof, ie extra sleeping areas, you can even travel with it.

Also as a complete vehicle

Anyone who does not yet have a basic vehicle can now purchase a fully equipped van directly from Good Life Vans. The Good Life Van Pure can be ordered with either a Ford Transit Custom or a VW T6.1. The VW version is also available as Pure + with a pop-up roof. Unit One is then installed directly on the truck. Stakeholders can design the base vehicle individually.

Section Data One

  • base vehicles: T4-T6.1; Ford Transit & Turneo, Mercedes Vito, Citroën Spacetourer, Nissan NV 300, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento, Toyota Proace
  • Price: short wheelbase 11,990 euros, long wheelbase 12,990 euros
  • Furniture: Bed 1.60 x 2.00 meters in cup and frame springs, toilet, 2 x 12 liter fresh water tank, 12 liter waste tank, Vitrifrigo compressor refrigerator, gas cartridge stove

Good Life Van Pure

Pure (Ford)

Good Life Van Pure Ford Transit Custom

Good Life Van

The Pure on Ford Transit Custom is the cheapest complete vehicle.

  • Basic vehicle: Ford Transit Custom station wagon base 320 L1 77 kW 6 ratios
  • Equipment: Auxiliary heating, Complete insulation Camper, Module One
  • Price: 39,900 euros

Pure (VW)

Good Life Van Pure

Good Life Van

The T6.1 is available in different versions, with a pop-up roof the model is then called Pure +.

  • base vehicle: VW T6.1, 150 hp / 110 kW; 6 – tools
  • Furniture: Section 1
  • Price: 49,900 euros

Pure + (VW)

  • Main vehicle: VW T6.1 4Motion, genuine VW pop-up roof, 150 hp / 110 kW, 7-speed DSG automatic transmission
  • Equipment: Auxiliary heating, Complete insulation Camper, Module One
  • Price: 79,950 euros


The idea is completely clever. After all, who would not want to keep their caravan running if you need a new basic vehicle? With Module One, the equipment simply changes to a new vehicle.

For sports enthusiasts with bulky equipment, the longitudinal layout is great. Many campers will also appreciate a large bed and a spacious kitchen. The promobil has yet to test how comfortable it is on the counters overlooking the large back wall of the kitchen.

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