41 companies and authorities in the VR run It’s finally done in person again.

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When the prizes for the students were drawn, the atmosphere was great. © Hans Seidl

Dachau – The joy and excitement of everyone involved was clearly palpable: it was finally happening in person again. After a break of two years, the VR company and the authority could be realized in a tested collaboration with ASV Dachau (we reported). “We are very pleased to finally be able to hold our popular running event again as we did in 2019.

The atmosphere is just great,” said co-organizer and VR press representative Martin Richter. More than 400 runners from 41 companies and authorities from Dachau and the region had registered for the 6.2 kilometer course. Eleven schools entered their students for the 3km run. “These are not record numbers this time, but we are very pleased about the restart,” Richter said. For comparison: In the past, the adult run usually had around 1000 runners. Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Dachau donates 20 euros for every student who reaches the finish line. In this way, 13,000 euros were collected for the school projects themselves.

Over 400 runners from different companies and authorities took part in the Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Dachau race.  photos (3): hav
Over 400 runners from different companies and authorities took part in the Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Dachau race. © hab

The atmosphere at the ASV stadium was very relaxed. The information and offer booths created a colorful picture on the lawn. Moderator Alex Wangler from the rock antenna warmed up the atmosphere. The mandatory fitness warm-up before the runs was done again. In the stands, spectators cheered the athletes and parents cheered their running children. Karl-Heinz Hempel, board member of VR Bank Dachau, fired the starting signal for the approximately 600 students on Eduard-Ziegler-Straße.

Fastest runner: Stefan Lauchner.
Fastest runner: Stefan Lauchner. © hab

Mayor Florian Hartmann welcomed all participants to the stage. He emphasized how wonderful it was that this beautiful event could now take place again. He asked the runners not to be so fast – for their own good, he pointed out. Hartman managed the two laps through the city forest in 37:01 minutes.

Fast teams

In addition to groups of architectural offices, medical practices, tax offices and notaries, the Dachau regional office, AOK, Sparkasse Dachau, Helios Amper-Kliniken, the Dachau Red Cross with a large team and BKK ProVita were also represented: a total of 41 companies and authorities .

Fastest runner: Christina Bömcke.
aa883407-7c0d-4a71-a9ed-ed9590625417.jpg © hab

There was great joy among the VR-Bank employees: As “VRunners” they took second place in the team ranking. “Hauss Architektur & Laufkunst” took first place and “Team District Office” came third.

individual assessments

In the women, Christina Bömcke from Helios Amper Clinics had a clear lead. She emerged the winner with 27:58 minutes. Katrin Wernthaler from TSV Bergkirchen Lauf10 took second place with 28:21 minutes and third place went to Hannah Neumair from the team “Be there is Everything!” with 28:53 minutes.

In the men’s category, Stefan Lauchner from MünchnerHyp was well ahead with 19:03 minutes. Second place went to Justin Wetzel from Dachau tax office Kameter Eckert Luger with 23:30 minutes. Sane Sandibou from the “Fast Administration” team came third with a time of 23:36 minutes.


Stefanie Schraufl-Ferstl (MTM-Plan GmbH), Michael Herbst (PDV-Systeme GmbH) and Axel Albrecht (Arkal Automotive GmbH) won the prizes with an Ipad, a Sony Bluetooth box and a JBL in-ear headphone from the lottery. Prizes were also drawn after the school function. Fiona Twentyman (Montessori School) won the Ipad, Dylan Al Nakib (ITG) the Sony Bluetooth Box and Jakob Volmer (Middle School Bergkirchen) the JBL InEar Headset. Carola Kipferl from the TSV Bergkirchen team is delighted with her €1,200 Dachauer Rundschau travel voucher to a four-star hotel. The city is giving away two Dachau Handel! vouchers, worth €250 each, to Afrem Alfia from Lacon Eletronic GmbH and Gabi Hautmann from BKK Provita. dn

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