Sylt: Left-wing protest camp planned in Westerland – ‘Watch out, the ruckus is coming!’


Left-wing protest camp planned in Westerland: “The ruckus is coming!”

Similar to the protest camp against the A20 (here near Westerstede), the activists are also planning a camp on the green field in Sylt, which everyone can join for free.

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Activists want to demonstrate against injustice in society for several weeks this summer. Up to 1000 participants.

western country Watch out, the mob is coming! It’s ready to go, get ready,” says a call on Twitter. A collective of left-wing activists is planning a protest camp called “Aktion Syltwith up to 1000 participants western country.

According to the organizers, the aim of the campaign is to protest against the growing economic and social inequality and to raise awareness of the injustice and dangers that arise. According to them, numerous gatherings, demonstrations on the island and other political actions will take place in and around the camp. The program also includes live music, workshops and discussions.

Sylt: According to activists, the upper class has become isolated

The call for participation states that the future and the satisfaction of future generations are at great risk due to social, economic and ecological inequality. Using the example of Sylt, the urgency of these crises should be emphasized again. “Sylt had 13,741 inhabitants in 2021, compared to 20,851 in 2011,” they write on their website. This is due to increasingly expensive rents and land prices.

“Sylt is the most expensive region in Germany. Property prices here are skyrocketing, in Kampen a square meter can easily cost between 25,000 and 35,000 euros. This is also extreme compared to other expensive areas in Germany, where prices are ‘only’ up to 27,000 euros,” says Antonia Schulte (27), co-organizer and assistant of the planned kitchen for all of “Action Sylt”.

In Sylt, the upper class has been isolated from the less-earned people. “Because of the ever-increasing rents on the island, it’s no longer possible for many people to live there and the locals are also being pushed out,” he says. They want to protest against these conditions.

Sylt: protest camp plans free food in ‘kitchen for all’

“We want to use the extreme example of Sylt to provide information and show ways to value and maintain cohesion and diversity in society,” explains co-organizer Hannah Schak (23). More and more people working in Sylt could not afford to live there. This happens to many police officers, but also to teachers, traders and workers in the catering industry. “We don’t want to continue to accept this injustice,” says meeting leader Marvin Bederke (22).

According to their own statements, the activists want to finance their protest camp on the basis of solidarity. Everyone should be able to participate, regardless of income. The group is appealing for donations online. Free catering will be provided through the planned “kitchen for all”, and there will also be vegan food. For this, sympathizers are asked to financially support the camp or raise money with campaigns, such as solidarity parties. There is no age limit for free membership. However, groups are urgently requested to register prior to arrival to enable better planning.

Sylt: €9 ticket as a trigger for the idea of ​​the protest camp

The trigger for the idea of ​​the protest camp is the €9 ticket, which is still available until the end of August, the initiators write, and they recommend using local transport despite the sometimes very long journey from the south. But you shouldn’t be angry with anyone who uses a long-distance transportation service. It is not yet clear where the campsite will be with the camp, they will have to bring tents together, but there should also be a broker exchange of tents. Showers and toilets will be provided.

The district is still a bit cautious: “Registration is already available,” confirms Laura Berndt, representative of the district of North Friesland, the competent assembly authority. For now, however, discussions on the vote continue.

Updated: Friday, 07/08/2022, 6:00 p.m

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