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Rufil Consulting founder Philipp Rowe in an Ostexperte interview about business consulting in Montenegro, GDR tourism and a dream of a house in the mountains.

Philipp, how did the idea of ​​establishing a company in Montenegro come about?

I’ve been doing international business consulting for 20 years, I’ve worked a lot in and with Russia and China in recent years, and now I’m increasingly active in Montenegro – given the way the world has changed. That German-Russian as well as German-Chinese relations, for example, are no longer going so well for various reasons and at the same time Montenegro is experiencing a boom.

What is the approach, the concept?

There are many Germans and Western Europeans who set up companies there or buy real estate – or even open a second home. And now comes the solution: Montenegro is a super beautiful country, nature, climate and culture are wonderful, the cost of living is low. At the same time, everything is still a bit wild and untouched. In addition, Montenegro has naturally been a tourist country for many years, even before the Yugoslav war, it was the number one tourist destination in all of Yugoslavia, both for citizens of the GDR and for the citizens of the FDR. And yet there is still a lot of potential today, because the number of tourists is still not at the level it was before the war of the 90s. And this offers great potential for growth. But where there are opportunities, there are also risks. The challenge of investing in a foreign country is above all the foreign language, the business culture and not knowing how to figure out all the tax and legal issues there. And that’s where I come in with my company’s solutions.

What are the solutions?

Because I went through all this myself when I started a company in 2013, bought real estate and land, and then built and rented houses there. He set up a second residence and opened bank accounts. And now I transfer this experience to my clients. On the site we have an excellent administrator – Bojana (Minic) – who has already written some articles for Ostexperte.de. We are a very good team. Bojana has an international education, speaks German and English and also has a legal and financial background, so she is there for our customers on site and offers all problem solutions: from company formation to residence permits, opening bank accounts , the combination of organizations with the right real estate agents and notaries. And I, as a German businessman, who can take the perspective of clients who are investors and entrepreneurs and finally want to do what I do and know in Montenegro for many years. Rufil Consulting is a product of international success, we have been doing it in Russia, Montenegro and other countries since 2007 and we have registered, created and advised more than 200 companies – both for our clients and for me. And today we serve customers all over the world. In Montenegro, my dream came true.

And what dream is this?

I always wanted a house with a view of the mountains. In 2013 I started, established a company and a bank account to bring money into the country. Then I got a residence permit and looked for a plot of land and built a house. I live in it – it’s a second home – and when I’m not in Montenegro I also rent it to tourists. But every time I get up early in the morning and sit on my terrace with a cup of coffee and everyone else is still sleeping, I start working creatively and productively on my projects and then I remember that I have already made my dream come true in Montenegro. and that the decision I made then was one of the best of my life. Today, when people ask me what I do in Montenegro, I say that I am the founder of Rufil Montenegro Consulting and I help others realize their dreams for Montenegro.

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Philipp Rowe in the mountains of Montenegro. Source: Private.

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