Spam phone numbers currently causing problems

Calls from unknown numbers continue. It is not uncommon for spam calls with some serious background behind it. TECHBOOK lists the phone numbers that are currently causing problems particularly frequently.

The companies and call centers behind the spam phone numbers call at all hours of the day and night. Usually several times in a row. The reason: Calls are often handled by computers, which often try a number until they get an answer on the other end. As a result, people who are called and receive a call from such an unknown number often hear crackling and hissing on the line before being connected – if at all – to an agent.

Callers often sit in call centers and have only one task: to ask for data from the person being called and lure them into lousy sweepstakes or dubious contracts. In the worst case, such a call is very expensive for the recipient. However, commercial calls of this type are prohibited by law unless the person being called has expressly permitted them. Companies and call centers know this, of course. Therefore, they regularly change the numbers they use to call to distract themselves and avoid trouble. Sometimes they change the whole phone number, sometimes only the last digits.

For this reason, the list of spam phone numbers that are active over a period of time is constantly changing. So it’s good that many sufferers are reporting their spam numbers to the Federal Network Agency. They have the ability to impose penalties or even block phone numbers. In any case, however, it creates a list of the numbers that are particularly active at the moment.

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These spam phone numbers are currently very active

The operator of the “Clever Dialer” app also follows a similar approach. Using its app, users can enter harassing phone numbers and block them if they wish. Based on the data, Clever Dialer creates an up-to-date list of spam phone numbers that are currently causing problems particularly often.

Promotional calls, contests and cost traps are categorized accordingly by Clever Dialer. In recent weeks, callers in Germany have complained particularly frequently about the following phone numbers:

Like last month, number 1 is occupied by 040254671238, which fraudsters want to use to sign new energy contracts. More than 9,000 calls were reported by those affected in June alone. Number 2 is 015210151906 which is new to the list. Callers report lottery fraud here.

Users should also watch out for 030439729068, which is number 3 on the list of most annoying spam phone numbers. Because only the last number has changed with this phone number, it was previously represented in the list as 030439729067, 030439729066, 030439729064, 030439729063 or 030439729062. If you have already blocked the number, the small change in the last digit means that it is no longer recognized as such and should enter it again.

Beware of the current big scam

TECHBOOK repeatedly mentions scams that fraudsters use especially often to obtain user data. One of them is the Europol scam, which has been causing problems for several months in a row. Scammers call users on behalf of law enforcement in an attempt to obtain sensitive information. A TECHBOOK editor was also called several days in a row by an alleged Europol employee. Then on the phone, he reported alleged identity theft. In this case, the number the scammers were calling was +49 176 23816914. In some cases, however, they manage to technically pass off the real Europol number to give the impression that the police are actually on the phone. Therefore, be careful if Europol contacts you with supposed warnings.

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Block unwanted calls

Fortunately, consumers can do something about spam phone messages. If they retain power, they can simply ignore calls from unknown numbers. But it is even better to find out their origin on the Internet. To do this, they enter a spam phone number that keeps popping up on their phone into their browser’s search bar. This often reveals who is behind the calls.

If the number is suspicious, it can be blocked easily and for free using most routers and smartphones. A small catch: Unfortunately, blocking only works for a specific number. If companies change their spam numbers, they must be added to the blocked links list.

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Via landline

Many routers from Netgear, D-Link, Fritz boxes from AVM and others offer the option to block phone numbers in the menu under the “Phone” or “Fixed network” tab. Calls from these connections are no longer forwarded to the phone. Then it simply stops ringing and the subscriber is no longer disturbed.

On Android smartphones

Android phone owners can also block unwanted phone numbers through their Google Account. To do this, open the phone app on your smartphone and click on the three dots symbol in the upper right corner. All unwanted numbers can now be entered in the Spam or Block area. If you want, you can even ignore all unknown phone numbers. The mobile then only makes calls from contacts stored in the address book.

On the iPhone

Of course, blocking certain phone numbers also works on Apple’s iPhone. To do this, users go to their call list and select the appropriate call. Click the button for more information, then a new page will open with the command “Block Caller” displayed at the bottom.

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If companies call from a blocked number, they can still leave a voicemail, but the person being called will not receive any notification about it. They also do not discover that they have been blocked by the recipient.


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