Cooking 4.0: Because there are almost no excuses to order today

There are many excuses for not being able to put yourself on the stove right now. There’s no time, I’ve never learned, and I can’t do any of it anyway. After all, I have two left hands! Delivery services like this. It certainly could be different. Perhaps even with more fun, more variety on the plate and significantly less work than in the days of our grandparents. Because since then, something has changed decisively: digitization brings home possibilities that grandma could only dream of.

Because grandma could cook so well

Let’s say the classic grandmother really did exist. Why was she able to cook so well? You had no choice! It didn’t have smart kitchen gadgets, it didn’t have bloggers with useful tips and tricks, it didn’t have apps with thousands of recipes. Grandma had her kitchen, a cookbook or two, and what she had learned from great-grandmother. Plus some money to manage. No one bought the basics from her. Cooking is not just about running the stove. This also includes saving, buying, sharing experiences with others. Finally, your own notes, so you don’t forget what you learned. And keep practicing, practicing, practicing! All this takes time and energy. So is it really an excuse if you don’t have the guts to cook after a long day at work?

We have much less time than grandma, if only because of the changes in the working world. This entices many people: ordering gives them at least some free time after work.

A mind game. If Grandma had all the options she has today, would she have acted the same way and ordered something quickly? Probably not. Cooking for yourself has a huge advantage. The food always has a special taste. An awareness classic: “Tastes like grandma used to make!” At the same time, he would have been fascinated by what is possible today. The possibilities opened up by digitization are so diverse. Her favorite dream would probably be that of a networked kitchen.

How smart kitchens make cooking easier

The smart kitchen is networked: Everything is controlled via a smartphone app. All appliances work together to achieve perfect results when cooking and baking. You no longer need to check if the temperature in the oven is still correct or if the food prepared in it is already cooked. A smart oven saves all the settings for your favorite dish and, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, monitors the moisture content of a cake, for example. It then automatically adjusts the temperature and type of heating.

Of course, the smart kitchen cannot replace many years of cooking experience. But it can translate them into digital worlds that can be used by anyone. In this way he ensures a result as good as that achieved by a person with many years of experience. Moreover, their operation often does not even require the presence of the cook. The best example is the moment of shock during the blockbuster in the cinema. However, not because of dramatic movie scenes, but through the question: “Have I turned off the stove?” Quickly check the smartphone, turn it off if necessary, and you can again follow the heroes of the screen with concentration.

Kitchens now also want to be smart. Not only can they be operated via smartphone, but they also provide additional information. Image via @ rh2010 FILE Number: 329551599

Appliances that sometimes completely take over or simplify cooking are real sellers, often even though they aren’t exactly cheap. In addition, they usually contain entire cookbooks. If you search it and find what you are looking for, you can explain in detail one by one the necessary work steps. This makes preparation particularly easy: it eliminates common mistakes right from the start and allows even the inexperienced and insecure to cook sophisticated dishes.

What makes recipes unique on the internet

Cabbage and turnips or rather schnitzels: Whatever you like, you can find a recipe online. Often, even the ingredient list can be fine-tuned depending on the number of servings you desire. This is important to know how much you need for six people when the recipe is actually only for four people. You don’t even have to do the math yourself. But the real advantage of online recipes lies in their variety. There’s something here for every region, every ability, every diet: no conventional cookbook can keep up. Not to mention the table of contents, these are the different search options on the web. If you only have a few ingredients and have no idea what to do with them, a simple search engine will help.

Cooking for yourself means more opportunities for sustainability

If you want to improve the world, step in front of your own hearth! Order always means: not very sustainable. However, cooking is not always better. But it can be done. Because there are many platforms on the Internet dedicated to education on the subject of sustainability. The focus is on waste. In the past, scraps were simply thrown away, but this no longer has to be the case. Platforms connect people who have something to give with those who need it. Everything finds a buyer here: the left over half of the cake as well as the expired packet of rice or the can of beans. The only requirement is that it can still be used. Anyone who has always had trouble storing supplies and therefore doesn’t like to cook for themselves should take a look around!

Use apps to learn to cook

I can not do it? That excuse doesn’t work anymore because learning to cook is getting easier and easier. Various apps guide beginners through the entire cooking process. Of course, the instructions are step-by-step and, if you want, even in the form of an online cooking class. Many online recipes even come with a short video that explains the entire preparation. Estimated prep time, list of ingredients, and a portion conversion function, usually indicated as well, are just as helpful.

Food bloggers on YouTube and Instagram

Cooking is always sensual, as is eating afterwards. But sensuality does not work without stimulation. You can find it online with food bloggers. They use their own websites just as heavily as their social media platforms to engage with their fans. If you want to perfect your cooking skills, you will find thousands of fresh ideas here. This means that food bloggers are actually a bit of everything: a cookbook, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a TV show and a helpful guide. Depending on their mood, they post videos or photos of their creations. They are always concerned with enjoyment. Sometimes also about healthy eating or sustainability in cooking. Several of them are devoted to recipes that are particularly easy to cook. Given this diversity, the “too hard” excuse is hard to come by.

A man uses a camera to film himself cooking at the table to record it for social media.
Blogs, social media platforms are a great inspiration. There are not only recipes but also some valuable tips and gadgets. Image via @ dusanpetkovic1 FILE NO: 303212835

Conclusion: Excuse or real reason?

There are many excuses for not wanting to cook. With the help of digitization, however, cooking has gone to a new level. Today it can be mastered by anyone who really wants it. There are plenty of suggestions on the Internet: how-to videos, cooking tutorials, and even ingredient lists calculated down to the gram. For ambitious cooks there are even smart kitchens in which all appliances are networked together. But what if you really don’t like to cook? Isn’t that an excuse to use a delivery service? For example, you want to spend an evening as a couple and just be there for each other – and not just for the stove. For your peace of mind, of course this is also possible. Because it’s not an excuse, it’s a real reason! As useful as it is, even the best technology can’t replace everything.

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