Gymnasium Wildeshausen says goodbye to 93 high school graduates

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Graduation photo: Wildeshauser High School’s high school graduates in the schoolyard. © dr

Wildeshausen – 97 students left Wildeshausen High School on Friday. 93 of them with the Abitur and four with proof of the academic department of TEI. An occasion for everyone to celebrate with their relatives and teachers what first happened in the school’s sports field.

The ceremony was opened by Charlotte Fischer and Fiete Beuke on cello and piano, and later Fenja Bekaan, Jannick Briese and the graduation band also played. Principal Andreas Langen spoke for an hour of farewell and remembrance and referred to this year’s motto for the final year “Abitur – every point has Bother cost.” “That makes you sit up and take notice,” said Langen, who pointed out that the youth had learned in quarantine from January to March of last year. The students — as well as the teachers — had acquired significant experience and knowledge as a result. ‘You have done very well,’ the dean told the students after looking at the exam papers. However, it has proved that the loss of face-to-face teaching could not be fully compensated for.

According to Langen, the fact that the students had printed the word “nerves” in italics suggested that the slogan could be understood with a wink of the eye. “According to the motto: We stand above things or: We will not let our zest for life be taken away from us.”

Humorous student speech

This was also seen in student talk by Fenna Henze and Piet-Ole Wulf, who reported on class trips in Berlin to a hotel with moldy walls, bedbugs and used condoms under the bed. “Then the question became: Is it still a classroom field trip or is it already a jungle camp?” the students asked.

Wolf and Hense had calculated exactly: “It’s been 3246 days since we started school here,” they summed up. At the time, Germany had only become three-time world soccer champions and Trump was an entertainer not to be taken lightly – and Corona was only known as a beer brand.

Certificates and awards followed.

Andrasch Jörgensen (grade 1), Klaas Kreienborg (1.2) and Jannick Briese (1.3) were honored as the best of the year in the Gymnasium.

Thea Sophie Zingler and Finn Jona Guhlke received the award of the Confederation of Protestant Churches in Lower Saxony for outstanding achievements in the field of religion.

Henry Storz and Sebastian Manske receive awards from the Society of German Chemists for outstanding achievements in chemistry.

Nina Ritscher receives the Association of French Teachers Award for Outstanding Achievement in French.

Andrasch Jörgensen and Klaas Kreienborg received the German Physical Society’s awards for outstanding achievements in physics.

Tom Rauschenberger received the German Mathematical Association’s prize for outstanding achievements in mathematics.

The following students received their high school diploma: Dario Agresti, Felix Arkenberg, Benedikt Becker, Marlena Behrens, Fenja Bekaan, Luke Berger, Marie Bernhardt, Chiara Bernsen, Alessandro Bianchi, Luisa Blömer, Anton Jakob, Michael Bokeloh, Ann-Kathrin Breßler, Henrieke Britschnee Selonder, , Jasmin Debbeler, Tom Decker, Merle Diesel, Duc Anh Doan, Yannis Eger, Nina Ehmke, Kaja Fast, Luk Fitting, Ida Fitting, Anna Gabbe, Lea Gebken, Finn Jonas Guhlke, Harm-Alert Heitzhausen, Neele Hellbusch, Philipp Hen Fenna Henze, Saskia Himmel, Henrike Horst, Megan Hoyer, Theo Janotta, Andrasch Jörgensen, Sophie Just, Amelie Kiesler, Annabelle Elisabeth Kirchner, Mathis Koch, Lea Kollmann, Georgios Nikolaos Kotsamidis, Klaas Pahnier-Kreolaen S. Sophie Lampe, Niklas Lang, Annika Lindemann, Ewa Lis, Julia Logemann, Emma Logemann, Hanna Marlene Lübbers, Jenny Marie Lulley, Luisa Mahlstedt, Sebastian Manske, Jannes Martin, Fiete Maurer, Jennifer Meckelburgen Mör, Jör , Ole Miesner, Paola Onofaro, Luna-Sophie Pastille, Jannes Pleus, Tom Rauschenberger, N ina Ritscher, Tabea Rodehüser, Laura Rohlfs, Marika Rosik, Bozhidar Velislavov Samardzhiev, Jolanda Samson, Chiara Lavinia Schnorfeumcher, Bennet Smolna, Luisa Spille, Jonathan Stöver, Henry Storz, Max Templin, Fynn Theuser, Sophie-Emilia Thull, Jannes van Rüschen, Torben Vaske, Enya Vollmer, Nikita Wagner, Thea Weißmann, Paula Marie Wöbse, Anne Söhlere, Luca Aaron Wübbenhorst, Piet-Ole Wulf, Thea Sophie Zingler.

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