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To the east of the Lüneburg Heath, not far from Uelzen, the Bad Bodenteich spa grew out of a medieval settlement. Its attractions: a large water park and a castle.

About 4,000 people live in Bad Bodenteich. It is therefore quiet in the spa town, which is located between Lüneburg and Celle, very close to Uelzen. Characteristic of the rural area with moorland, forests and heather is the mild invigorating climate and healthy air. Several nature adventure trails such as the “Bodenteich Heide” and the “Seewiesen” provide interesting information about the landscape.

Climatic health resort Bad Bodenteich: large lake park and Kneipp pedal facility

The 28-hectare lake park south of the center offers many recreational opportunities.

In the center of Bad Bodenteich stretches the approximately 28-hectare lake park, a meeting point for locals and visitors. With eight hectares of water, a mini-golf course, water football rental, a cross-golf area and a toboggan hill, it offers a wide range of leisure activities. From July to September there is a spa concert every Sunday morning.

Since 1973 Bodenteich has also held the title of “state-approved climate resort”, since 1985 the Kneipp health resort and in 1998 the name “Bad” was added. There is a dispensary in town, and you can regulate your circulation and immune system in the Kneipp corridor in the lakeside spa park.

Bodenteich Castle: adventure playground and barefoot trail

At the center of cultural life is Burg Bodenteich with a traditional series of concerts in the summer months, lectures and the annual castle spectacle. The outdoor area is enticed by the Robin Hood’s Castle, a playground for children and adults in the form of a medieval wooden fortress. Here visitors can bake bread on a log or shoot with a bow and arrow. The road to the fort leads to a 400 meter long barefoot path with different floor coverings.

The ruins of the castle tower in Bad Bodenteich with a modern viewing platform.  © imago images/Shotshop Photo: lianem

The ruins of the castle tower date from the 14th or 15th century.

Only remnants of the former castle moat on a hill remain. A museum in the former office building shows the history of the establishment, which dates back to around the 10th century. Couples can tie the knot in the former knights’ hall and the former brewery houses the ‘Museum of German Unity”, which sheds light on the history of Bad Bodenteich as a former border town between the Federal Republic and the GDR. From the ruins of the castle tower, a viewing platform offers a beautiful view of the natural landscape of the Seewiesen.

Hikes and carriage rides on the heath

If you want to experience nature more intensively, you can go hiking, cycling or horse-drawn carriage through the heath on more than 60 kilometers of marked trails around Bad Bodenteich. The Heidschnuckenweg, which crosses the Lüneburg Heath and Südheide, also leads to Bad Bodenteich.

flourished in the 18th century

The origin of the town of Bodenteich has not been clearly established. Some historians speculate that a Lombard settlement existed on the site as early as 200 BC. Others date the beginnings to the 10th century AD, when artisans and farmers may have settled under the protection of the castle. It is clearly documented that at the beginning of the 17th century 159 villages and “independent farms” belonged to the Bodenteich district. The eponymous space was the center, the market, the seat of administration and the district court. In the decades that followed, it steadily developed into a vibrant little town. Only two judicial reforms in 1852 and 1859 ended the boom: Bodenteich lost its status as an official and administrative seat. Since 2011, Bad Bodenteich belongs to the joint municipality of Aue, a merger of the Bad Bodenteich area with the municipalities of Lüder, Soltendieck and Wrestedt in the Uelzen district.

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