Who wants to give Tom & Jerry cats from the animal shelter a chance?

Updated: 07/02/2022 – 13:24

You are looking for a loving home
Tomcats Too Young: Who wants to give Tom & Jerry a second chance?

Photo: Clara Rechenberg / Animal Shelter Berlin

The two cute tomcats Tom and Jerry currently live in the Berlin animal shelter and are looking for a new home.

The Berlin animal shelter is full of dogs and cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and more: around 1400 animals live there – and are hoping for a new home. Same with Tom & Jerry: Want to give cats a chance?

Why do animals continue to be abandoned? Hard to say: Many are probably overwhelmed with caregiving and have imagined that cohabitation is easier or at least different. It is good that there are many animal shelters in Germany that take care of these poor creatures and take care of them.

But this is not permanent: there are simply too many animals – so such stations should only be a temporary place to stay. But you can help: Wouldn’t you like to give a dog, cat or other small animal a chance and provide them with a loving environment? We regularly introduce you to its residents animal shelter in berlin. Today: Tom & Jerry cats are looking for a new home.

The residents of the animal shelter in Berlin are looking for a home – today: Tom & Jerry cats

Four kittens who came to the Berlin animal shelter through seizure for violating the Animal Welfare Act: Two of the brothers are Tom with black and white fur and Jerry with red tabby fur. First of all, it was more veterinary treatment for everyone, but a few weeks ago the two were allowed to move into a foster home. Now the two are ready for a permanent home.

Adorable little Tom makes a relaxed and calm impression. But then again waters are known to run deep – this is absolutely true of the cheeky little rascal with enormous energy: “Tiny Tom”, also known as “Tom Tom”, could go around for hours without even giving the appearance of fatigue, while little Brother Jerry quickly loses interest in things like the fishing rod. As soon as a door opens, Tom is there assessing the situation – and also likes to escape if you’re not paying attention. Tom saves his now loud and clear purr for special cuddle moments – unlike Jerry, who purrs all the time.

Young, healthy and adventurous tomcat twins

Jerry, on the other hand, was like a young kitten from the start: cheeky and full of energy! Already on the first day he wandered, fought with Tom and could hardly stop. Anything open or lying around should always be carefully checked and inspected – Tom is of course almost always there. But Jerry almost lost a dog – he follows you everywhere, has an opinion on everything he’s always willing to share, and loves to experience new things because he gets bored easily. Jerry likes to be the center of attention, he almost always hears his name and “Jerry Berry” perfectly.

The Tom and Jerry duo is a guaranteed enrichment for any family, as long as the hustle and bustle in the house is not a foreign word. Understanding children would certainly make great teammates for siblings, but Jerry likes to overdo it and sometimes needs to slow down. A later release opportunity in a safe, quiet environment without major roads is a must for adventure seekers. In addition, the apartment should be spacious and cat-friendly with lots of play, climbing (!) and hiding places. A balcony must be cat-proof. Tom and Jerry are perfectly healthy and fully vaccinated. Subsequent castration at the Berlin Animal Shelter practice is included in the placement fee.

The clear profile of Tom & Jerry:

operator number

22/1419 & 22/1421






EKH (European Shorthair)

Date of birth

3/14/2022 (almost four months old)


about 15 cm


about 2.5 kg

at the shelter since then

May 7, 2022

Suitable for

people with a lot of time

Not suitable for

children under 10

Animal shelter workers are sure: Tom & Jerry will be two wonderful, loving friends for whoever chooses the cats – provided the environment is right. Would you like to give them a home? Then contact Martina Winkler and send a substantial e-mail with a description of your living conditions, including contact details and phone availability to praxis@tierschutz-berlin.de

Of course, not only Tom & Jerry are happy about a successful placement in a loving home: many other animals are waiting for it too! At tierschutz-berlin.de you will find the animal residents, as well as a lot of information about the animal shelter, such as how you can donate or become a volunteer, as well as a lot of useful information about adopting an animal.

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