When the love of animals gets under your skin: the craziest animal tattoos

Tattoos are no longer uncommon and in Germany every fifth person has a tattoo on their skin. When choosing a pattern, many choose classics such as flowers, skulls and geometric shapes. But some want something a little more unusual and have their pet stung. Besides dog and cat portraits, there are many other ideas to get the animal under your skin.

The moments when owners make a tattoo on their pet can be very different. It often happens after the death of the beloved animal, the pattern should then be reminiscent of the beloved dog, cat or guinea pig. However, some people decide to get a tattoo while their pet is still alive as an expression of their love for animals. Many fall back on true classics.

Classic animal tattoos

These probably include simple letters with the name of the furry nose or plush paw. Also popular are classic portraits, which can sometimes even look quite realistic.

However, not all animal lovers like such classic tattoos. Many want something fancier to honor their beloved pet. It’s good that tattoo artists around the world have several creative ideas ready for the owners.

legs and arms

One of these ideas, which is probably already one of the classics for many, is a paw print of a dog or cat. To do this, the animal’s foot is simply colored with paint or ink and pressed onto a piece of white paper. Many tattoo artists can then use the impression to create a realistic design and apply the leg to the skin true to the original.

If that’s not enough, you can push the foot idea a little further and put your own hand into the game. In the popular motif, the owner and the animal then give hands and feet, so the tattoo expresses an eternal bond between the two.

ash in the ink

A really unusual, and for some maybe crazy, idea for an animal tattoo comes from artist Tamara James Cook, who maintains a studio in New Zealand. It offers its customers the

So the owners have the lost and lost animal with them forever and literally carry a part of the furry nose or plush paw inside them. Either the tattoo

Very creative works of art

Tamara’s idea with the

But tattoos that look like a thin pencil drawing and consist of many thin lines are also popular. The numerous strokes often lead to amazingly detailed images of the pets and thus remain in the memory of the owners forever.

The very big love

If even these unusual ideas are not enough to express your love for your pet, you can always resort to much more drastic means and show your immense affection with an equally enormous tattoo. This unknown owner expresses his love for the late pit bull with a tattoo that covers his entire back.

By the way, it doesn’t always have to be only dogs and cats that adorn the owners’ skin. Snakes, lions, guinea pigs and budgies also make great tattoos.

Regardless of what owners choose, the most important thing is that they like the tattoo and feel they can honor their pet’s memory and pay their last respects to the deceased animal with the image under the skin.

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