Ukraine war on live ticker: +++ 00:19 Selenskyj: Rocket attack on residential building targets terror +++

Ukraine war live ticker
+++ 00:19 Selenskyj: Rocket attack on residential building targets terror +++

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the rocket attack on a residential building in the Odesa region of southern Ukraine, calling it “deliberate, targeted Russian terrorism”. “It was an ordinary house with about 160 people. Ordinary people lived in it, civilians,” he said in a video. So far, 21 dead and around 40 injured have been counted. “Unfortunately, the death toll is rising.” Neither weapons nor military equipment were hidden in the building – “as Russian propagandists and officials always say about such attacks.” The impact of the three missiles was neither a mistake nor an oversight.

+++ 23:14 Ukraine: Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant connection is +++ again
The state operator of Ukrainian nuclear plants, Energoatom, announced that the connection to the monitoring systems of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, has been restored. The power plant is located in an area occupied by Russian troops. According to Energoatom, data flow was restored “through its own efforts”. Remote monitoring of the reactors was halted after Russian troops shut down the mobile phone networks transmitting the data.

+++ 22:20 Selenskyj: The bombing of Odessa was intentional +++
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that a Russian missile that hit a residential building in the Odesa region of southern Ukraine was no accident. “This is a targeted rocket attack by Russia, Russia’s terror against our cities and villages, against our people, adults and children,” Zelensky was quoted as saying by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency after a meeting. with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Kyiv. The missile used was actually designed to fight aircraft carriers and other warships. Three Russian missiles near the port of Odessa killed at least 21 people.

+++ 21:45 The Pentagon announces a package of 820 million weapons +++
The US government has pledged millions in additional military aid to Ukraine to defend against a Russian war of aggression. An $820 million package will provide the country with additional munitions for the Himars missile launch system, two surface-to-air missile defense systems called Nasams, artillery ammunition and anti-aircraft radar, the Pentagon announced in the evening. A large part does not come from US stocks, but from a deal with the industry. Since the beginning of the war, the United States has pledged or delivered nearly $7 billion worth of arms to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden had already promised the new aid at the NATO summit in Madrid.

+++ 21:15 “Holocaust settlement”: Israel outraged by Melnik +++
Israel has also criticized Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk’s statements about the controversial World War II Ukrainian politician and party leader Stepan Bandera. It is a “distortion of historical facts, trivialization of the Holocaust and an insult to those who were murdered by Bandera and his people,” the Israeli embassy in Germany wrote on Twitter. They also undermine “the courageous struggle of the Ukrainian people to live according to democratic values ​​and in peace.”

+++ 20:45 Ukraine: Russia attacks Snake Island with phosphorus bombs +++
Ukraine has accused the Russian military of attacking Snake Island in the Black Sea with phosphorus bombs. In the evening, Moscow troops “carried out an air strike twice with phosphorus bombs,” Ukrainian army chief Valeriy Zalushny writes on Telegram. It was only on Thursday that the Russian army announced its withdrawal from the Ukrainian island, which it had previously occupied for four months.

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