High school in Altensteig: 28 companies give information to the job fair – Altensteig and surroundings

Students in grades eight through eleven discover career opportunities at the “JOBInside” career fair at CGA Photo: Stadler

About 30 employers present themselves at the “JOBInside” job fair at the Christoforo High School.

Altensteig – Pupils from the eighth to the eleventh grade of the Christophorus-Gymnasium Altensteig were informed about future career opportunities, training and study offers at the job fair “JOBInside”, which was held for the second time. The internal trade fair was attended by 28 large and small employers with information booths and short presentations. The professional guidance offer, which lasted four school hours, was well received by the high school students.

After the successful implementation of a first job fair in the halls of the Altensteiger Christophorus-Gymnasium in 2019, the new edition of “JOBInside” has now taken place. With the technical support of her colleague Fabian Geißler, class teacher and organizer Aline Wunsch was once again able to organize the job fair in-house this year.

Short preparation time

The 28 employers from a wide variety of areas won for this morning in the short preparation time. They presented the training and study opportunities in their company. Boysen Group, Bühler Stahlbau, Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw, school social work and Purzeltreff were there from Altensteig. The regional office and tax office in Calw provided information, as did companies from near and far such as Koch Pac-Systems, Fischerwerke, Homag, Schmalz, Wagon Automotive, Wackenhut, Arburg and others.

But also representatives of the University of Stuttgart came to present the aerospace engineering course. The SOS Children’s Village in Munich made the longest journey to introduce itself to the students.

legal orientation

According to the new BOGY decree in Baden-Württemberg, which regulates vocational guidance in upper secondary schools for grades 9 to 11, students will have to attend a career fair or the school will have to organize such an event itself.

According to organizer Wunsch, a total of ten work days are held during high school. There used to be a one-week practicum in grade 10, but now there is a three-day social practicum in ninth grade, followed by a one-week BOGY practicum in grade 10, and then Boys and Girls Days. which also contribute to factory visits for vocational guidance.

Career counselor at Christophorus-Gymnasium, Mirko Heieck, also participated in the career fair with an information booth managed by the Federal Employment Service Nagold. After two hours of teaching in the morning, the room was quickly rearranged with the support of the students and the exhibition was created in three spaces.

Everyone from eighth through eleventh grade went through the individual regions on their “fair schedule.” They had a total of 90 minutes, half an hour per area. They were allowed to pick up a stamp for each employer they visited.

Enthusiastic students

Jannik, Laurin and Silas, three 15-year-olds from class 9b, were thrilled that so many companies gave them an image. Jannik liked the fact that information was also provided on training allowances.

Laurin was particularly interested in the technical field and everything to do with mechatronics. After graduating from high school, he aims for a double degree.

Silas wants to try something different next school year. So he will transfer to a technical high school with the goal of later completing a technical degree.

On behalf of the company Nicolay from Nagold, Thomas Calmbacher showed components from medical technology. And for the forest and hunting department at the regional office in Calw, forester Martin Hein informed about training and study opportunities in the forestry sector. Evelyn Zühl was prepared for discussions and questions on social issues for SOS Children’s Villages and traveled from Munich.

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