Get your digital section toll and motorway vignette before you travel

Summer is a popular time for short-term travel – spring is over and the warm season is about to begin. But often the plan to quickly buy the highway vignette just before the Austrian border causes anxiety and waste of time. Many have the same idea and have to wait in line for a long time to take the long-awaited vacation.

ADAC gives the following advice:

The classic sticker vignette buy in time. To avoid problems, it must be applied correctly: the vignette must not stick to the area of ​​the tint strip. The exact instructions are on the back of the vignette.

Digital section tolls for Brenner, Tauern and Pyhrnautobahn, Arlbergstraße and Karawanken Tunnel (to the south): These toll routes cost extra, regardless of the vignette. Users of the digital toll booth can pass the toll station comfortably and without stopping. Applies to all open toll lanes except the Go lane. This is still only for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes equipped with a GO-Box, infringements will be punishable by a penalty.

New lane on the Pyhrnautobahn in Austria

In the Pyhrnautobahn There is a digital toll system with barrier-free lanes, which allows for greater traffic flow and therefore faster crossing. The new lane is marked in green. Please note that a digital toll ticket is required before use.

One note: The Sticker vignette Slovenia canceled. Slovenian highway vignettes are only available in digital form and at all ADAC offices.

There is also one in Austria for the classic “sticky sticker”. digital alternative: The digital vignette is Not for the faint of heart, though, because: In Europe, customers have a two-week right of withdrawal for any online or phone order. The postal delivery time is three days and therefore the digital vignette is only valid from the eighteenth day after purchase. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can also go to one ADAC office purchase – because the statutory blackout period does not apply and the validity of the digital vignette can start immediately if you buy it directly.

A 10-day vignette for Austria costs 9.60 euros, dubious online providers sometimes charge more than double. When purchasing the digital vignette, the license plate number is recorded and recognized at checkpoints. For security, there is a hard copy confirmation.

Consider the highway vignette in Austria as well

If you want to travel by car or motorbike and are planning a route through Austria via the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the very well-developed Felbertauern Road, you should also consider toll tickets. With 47.8 kilometers, 36 hairpins, a gradient of up to 12 percent and a pass height of 2576 meters, the Großglockner is the highest paved road in Austria (not suitable for groups).

with a discount Felbertauern and Großglockner ticketsa discounted motorcycle tour ticket (includes a day ticket for the Großglockner, Gerlos and Nockalm roads and entitles you to purchase a discounted ticket for the Villach Alpine Road), as well as for Austria and Switzerland Highway vignettes Advances are available at ADAC branches, by phone on 0 800 5 10 11 12 (Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm, free of charge) and at

Especially preferred for bicycles – no sticking, no scratches: the Motorcycle digital vignette for Austria and Slovenia (only available at ADAC offices).

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