Is Haltis really good for dogs? An expert reveals

Updated: 30/06/2022 – 20:21

Dog trainer André Vogt knows this
Paper instead of a dog leash: is it really a good idea?

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Some dog owners swear by dogs, others would never use them. So how good is Haltis? Our expert knows that.

In addition to the classic collar and leash for dogs, there is a halter for animals, called halti for short, to which the leash is attached. Does it make sense to use one? What an expert says about it.

Putting a dog on a leash used to attach one to the animal’s collar. Today there is no longer just this method of guiding the leash: The dog belt is gradually replacing the classic collar. Justified: Dogs pulling the leash hurt much more with a collar around the sensitive neck and neck area than with a belt attached to the upper body. But now there are also haltis. Have you ever heard it?

Dog head halters are called halters. They fasten around the dog’s mouth and activate something like a snout grip when the leash is pulled. This is really good: Who could know better than André Vogt? He has been a dog trainer since 2005 and founded his own dog school in 2010. André Vogt appears regularly on Sixx on the show “Der Puppy Trainer”. He talks to BILD der FRAU Expert on whether haltis are used at all and what dog owners should definitely watch out for.

Use Haltis: An expert will explain if and when this makes sense

BILD der WOMAN: What is the purpose of the Halti dog head halter?

The dog head collar was originally developed to focus the dog’s attention away from a stimulus (eg another dog) and back to the human. This gives the dog more control over the dog.

Is it suitable for all dogs (breeds)?

Haltis is difficult to adapt for dogs with a flat nose, such as a French bulldog or pug. If there is almost no nose, they slip and are therefore ineffective. Not every dog ​​needs a halter, for most of these aids are unnecessary. Basically, when training a dog, you should first try to get by without any help.

Do you collaborate with Halti?

We use haltis extremely rarely. Probably the so-called Halti Harness, a leash on the chest that also affects the dog in two places. The head halter poses some risks if used incorrectly (see below). Halti must be used with great precision. Nor can it be a permanent solution. It can be a good tool. But therefore, it should be used only for a short time until the root cause of a problem is fixed.

If you use Haltis incorrectly, there is a risk of serious injury to the dog

What are the risks of Haltis? What should dog owners be careful about?

Used incorrectly, the risk of injury to the dog is very high. If in doubt, you can break your dog’s neck with Halti! If a dog runs into Halti uncontrollably, possibly even with a long leash, at least it will twist its neck badly. The result is injuries to the cervical spine. That is why it is fundamentally important that you never break the leash just fasten it to the halter. It is necessary to use a strap with two hooks, one for the halter and the other for the collar or belt.

Once again: the halti is not intended to better hold the dog, but to redirect the dog’s focus. You guide the dog with both hands. Halti should only be used as instructed by a qualified instructor.

Are there better ways to teach dogs to walk on a leash?

Being on a leash is a very complicated matter. There are countless ways to teach dogs to walk leisurely on a leash. Ultimately, however, it is always a matter of leadership and relationships: Can I lead my dog ​​as a person? If my dog ​​trusts me, he will follow me. These are the things we need to work on first. Then aids of any kind are usually no longer needed.

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