goUrban – the new Netflix for mobility.

Elevator Ventures, aws Gründerfonds and UNIQA Ventures are jointly investing in a software solution to the urban traffic problem.

Vienna (OTS) GoUrban challenges the status quo of transport and mobility in communities. To get around today, you must rely on a combination of private vehicles, public transport and on-demand or long-term rental services. The smart cities of tomorrow demand that all mobility be seamlessly combined into one solution for all. GoUrban offers just that and will triple its investment team and further promote the platform escalation.

Founded in Vienna in 2016, the goUrban platform allows B2B partners to monitor the status of their fleet in real time, maintain relationships with their customers and make data-driven decisions for optimal use. For users, this means a simple and needs-based booking system where weekend travel is as easy as the supermarket.

GoUrban receives a pre-Series A investment from Elevator Ventures and UNIQA Ventures, the venture capital units of Raiffeisen Bank International AG and UNIQA Insurance Group AG, as well as the aws Gründerfonds to promote the online mobility of cars, mopeds, Kick-Enable scoooo and public transportation in cities and communities. Funding promotes the very idea of ​​mobility – getting from A to B easily, flexibly and as cheaply as possible. This not only increases the quality of life in a city many times over, but also contributes to the massive reduction of CO2 emissions. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been able to triple our sales each year on our own. The eight-digit budget after the investment now allows us to triple the team from 50 to 150 employees by the end of the year. We are thus able to network mobility in cities and municipalities much faster and contribute to solving traffic and environmental problems“, Jonathan Gleixner, CEO of goUrban, is pleased with the deal. Thomas Muchar, CEO of Elevator Ventures, adds: “We were won over by both the excellent founding team and the scalability of the platform, which allows third-party solutions to be integrated. “With our investment, we want to help reduce the volume of traffic in cities.”

Habitat improvement already in more than 100 cities

GoUrban is the partner that converts joint mobility projects into scalable sales multipliers. The investment round of famous Austrian investors is mainly aimed at promoting the further development of technology and the internal structure of employees, 75% of them in the field of technology, as well as in the field of sales and marketing. “Six years ago, after Car2Go, we were the first provider with a shared model in Vienna. Even one of the first in the world in the field of micromobility. The software available on the market at that time did not live up to our expectations. So we started developing our own software and became the digital mobility platform. Today, we operate in more than 100 cities around the world and by 2023 we would also like to be the largest software company in the field of joint mobility “, explains Gleixner for the development of the company based in Vienna and Novi Sad ( Serbia). on a global software platform as a service that already connects nearly 30,000 vehicles. Christoph Haimberger, CEO of aws Gründerfonds, points out: “Green environmental technologies such as goUrban are pioneers in a traffic shift with increased mobility efficiency, added value for drivers and improved living spaces. A global mobility trend that is changing Europe and was recognized early on by goUrban. “As a major investor in this investment round, we look forward to the next years of growth with the large goUrban team.”

GoUrban solves the problem of traffic jams and helps to protect the climate

Car ownership is usually the second largest investment in a person’s life. However, 97% of cases remain unused. GoUrban’s vision is to transform from ownership to service. This development is only a matter of time. Netflix for mobility – away from the hassle of ownership and related repair costs, to flexible use when and how users need it. “More than 700,000 cars are registered in Vienna alone. This corresponds to an area of ​​almost 833 football fields. “Imagine how much potential for green spaces comes through flexible use and how urban landscapes could change in the future,” explains Andreas Nemeth, CEO of UNIQA Ventures, one of the main reasons for the investment. “With the increasing urbanization of society, mobility will change more in the next 10 years than in the last 130. Common mobility can no longer stop in this form. Mobility must be available today when you need it. At all times, inexpensively, with little effort and ideally in an environmentally friendly way “, says Jonathan Gleixner, describing the expected future market.

About goUrban:

Founded in Vienna in 2016, goUrban has a vision of a world where everyone has access to need-based, convenient and sustainable mobility. With a fully modular operating system, goUrban groups all mobility cases into a single platform. From spontaneous city travel to weekend car booking to corporate fleet digitization – goUrban combines all forms of mobility from on-demand, appointment booking, subscription and long-term hire. The goUrban solution accelerates the transition from ownership to service, helping industry leaders shape sustainable mobility ecosystems to meet their needs.

For more information visit https://www.gourban.co or follow us on LinkedIn @goUrban.

About Elevator Ventures:

Elevator Ventures is the venture capital company of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). Its main focus is on early stage and development investments in fintechs and related activation technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. In its role as a leading development partner for fintech in Central and Eastern Europe, Elevator Ventures uses the RBI Group’s know-how, network and business power to support many promising ladders in their expansion into this dynamic region and beyond. from her. Learn more about Elevator Ventures at: https://www.elevator-ventures.com/

About UNIQA Ventures:

UNIQA Ventures is the venture capital fund of UNIQA Insurance Group AG, founded in 2016 and based in Vienna, Austria. UNIQA Ventures invests in innovative business models and excellent founding teams with a clear vision to transform their industry. The current capital volume is 150 million. The investment is focused on start-ups across Europe (mainly Central and Eastern Europe) with existing product market adaptation and steady traction in the late or early stage of development in areas such as FinTech, InsurTech and HealthTech. . The portfolio of UNIQA Ventures currently includes more than 40 start-up technology companies and has already had five exits since 2016 and has achieved a stable double-digit performance to date.

About aws Gründerfonds:

Aws Gründerfonds is an Austrian venture capital company with equity of around € 70 million. The investment focus is on Austrian start-ups with high growth potential for start-up and follow-up financing in the start-up and early development phase (Later Seed and Series A). International co-investors from the international network are actively involved. Aws Gründerfonds sees itself as a long-term, stable partner and offers venture capital funds with active support. So far, together with co-investors, more than 500 million euros have been invested in 42 companies in the fields of digital, advanced technology and industry and life sciences, and many outlets have been successfully completed.

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