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DOCKR Mobility

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Dutch start-up DOCKR is exhibiting at Eurobike in Frankfurt from 13-17. July 2022 for the first time the new sporty and versatile electric cargo bike Kettler Cargoline HT 600 with the unmistakable DOCKR trim. Based on a flexible and sustainable subscription model, DOCKR wants to convince merchants to switch to electric e-cargo bikes for the last mile transportation of goods. The young company’s customers already include the likes of delivery services Gorillas, Flink, Dropp and Dott. At DOCKR, traders can flexibly rent e-cargo bikes with a capacity of up to two cubic meters on a monthly basis to counter the growing congestion in urban centers and the associated environmental pollution. DOCKR supports companies to act in a climate-neutral way and to be able to make deliveries in areas where polluting vehicles are prohibited or where there are no dedicated loading zones.

Fast city e-sprinter

The Cargoline HT 600 from the German manufacturer Kettler has a sporty and flexible chassis that DOCKR has redesigned with a smaller cargo box. The seat fork of the Kettler HT 600, which is tilted back, allows for a sportier seating position and a top speed of 25 km/h, which makes the model also suitable for longer rides. Because the frame is slightly shorter than that of many other cargo bikes, the HT 600 is not only faster around town, but also more maneuverable. DOCKR has also developed a new, more manageable 300 liter version of the impressive plastic cargo box, which is particularly suitable for lighter, medium-sized packs. The superstructure can optionally be provided with a company logo.

The belt drive and ENVIOLO stepless automatic gear hub ensure that the HT 600 is largely maintenance free. Courier drivers’ strong calves get active support from the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor. With a torque of up to 75 Nm even at a low pedaling frequency and a maximum assistance of 400%, the unit is adapted to heavy loads and also pushes hard on uphills. The high driving performance also ensures a long range. Sensitive sensors always ensure the right amount of thrust – with or without load.

Customized solutions: DOCKR ensures that the city center is always accessible for entrepreneurs.

DOCKR’s electric cargo bikes are ideal for tackling poor accessibility, parking issues and environmental zones in cities. All models are delivered on flexible monthly flat rate contracts that are profitable for any company. In addition, DOCKR offers preventive maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance against damage and theft, as well as rapid replacement transportation when needed, so that users’ business operations are never delayed for long.

“Everyone has their own riding style, and with the addition of the Kettler HT 600 to our range, we now offer our customers even more options,” says Nadine van der Hoorn, CEO of DOCKR. “A slightly sportier, more versatile cargo bike is particularly suitable for companies that need to transport relatively small loads quickly through the city, such as couriers and food delivery or package delivery services. With this model, these companies now have the opportunity to choose flexibility and choose security from DOCKR.”

“The DOCKR concept is a further step in positioning our products as a real alternative for more sustainable mobility. We are very happy to be part of the DOCKR range with our electronic cargo bike,” explains Ole Honkomp, CEO of Sales & Marketing. KETTLER Alu-Rad Ltd.

DOCKR’s main target group is trucking companies, food delivery and catering services, hotels and restaurants, local shops such as wineries, liquor stores, clothing stores and florists, parcel and courier services, as well as small and medium-sized companies that need to transport goods, especially in urban areas. To enable these dealers to get started with heavy-duty e-mobility without high upfront investments, DOCKR offers subscriptions that can be canceled on a monthly basis. This includes repairs, vehicle replacement, insurance and maintenance. Since e-cargo bikes must be available 24 hours a day for commercial use, DOCKR service personnel visit regularly for preventive maintenance. Anyone who chooses DOCKR no longer has to worry about anything.

In the event of a DOCKR electronic cargo bike breakdown, our mobile service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Repairs are done on site. If DOCKR is unable to repair the vehicle within two working days, a replacement vehicle will be provided free of charge.

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Inner cities are becoming increasingly difficult to reach. This is because motor vehicles clog the roads. Roads are often too narrow to deliver parcels with a large delivery truck. Parking fees are huge and in more and more cities polluting vehicles are unwanted because they unnecessarily pollute the environment. Small and medium-sized companies often have limited funds to acquire a fleet of small vehicles.

DOCKR ensures that the city center is always accessible for business people. That’s why we offer flexible contracts and electric vehicles with sufficient load capacity. And this with our comprehensive package: insurance, regular maintenance and vehicle replacement – all inclusive. Leases can be terminated on a monthly basis.

Despite the busy center of the cities, the services and packages are delivered in the agreed time at a lower cost. Deliveries are faster, protect the environment and you as an entrepreneur become more attractive to customers and as an employer. Finding the right staff is often difficult. Most DOCKR transport vehicles can be driven without a licence, giving you access to a wider range of staff.

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