Mobile stone box Expedition from Treasurer 4×4

Treasurer 4×4 stone pine box (2023)
There is a sense of hut in this mission vehicle

The Schatzmeister 4×4 company uses the pine box to build a wooden case for shipping vehicles. The equipment includes a rollaway bed under the open sky and a wood stove.

Even with vehicles as unusual as shipping vehicles, at some point you get the feeling that everything looks the same. This is what it looked like in Abenteuer und Allrad 2022, but then we fell on the stone box made of pine from the Treasurer 4×4 from Tyrol.

From the outside, the vehicles look quite indistinguishable. ONE Scania R370 XT with four-wheel drive is the base, with a black suitcase at the back. But with the name “Zirbenbox” something must be made of pine wood. Entering the structure of the mission vehicle, the wonderful smell of pine wood first strikes our nostrils and then we see the wood everywhere: on the walls, in the living room, in the kitchen and in many small details – here sense of hut on.

Modular roof

The inner wall of stone pine is with sheep wool insulated and attached to the outer wall, consisting of spruce wood and aluminum, covered with a convertible top fabric. The whole thing is ventilated back, which in turn should ensure a pleasant atmosphere inside.

The floor plan is made separately according to the customer’s requirements. But one more important element can be installed: this Rollaway bed over group of seats. The horsehair mattress bed can be moved up and down electronically with a remote control. The special thing is the modular roof with mosquito net. This way you can climb to a comfortable position at night and then climb straight under the starry sky.


Highlight of Zirbenbox: a real wood stove.

Another special feature is a small one wood stove in the vehicle. It can boil completely and gives about 3.5 kW of heat with good fire. This saves on the use of the diesel heater, which is also on board if necessary.

Cashier 4×4 was especially important sustainable vehicle build. Thanks to the specially designed, recessed insulating windows and an insulated door, as little energy as possible should be wasted. A photovoltaic system is installed on the roof and the water is filtered for ultraviolet radiation. The living room is made of wood and fabric and the floor covering is made of cow leather.

Practical space solutions in the kitchen and bathroom

Cashier 4x4 stone pine box


Practical induction hobs magnetically connected to the wall.

The kitchen, consisting of a large Fenix ​​counter with a built-in sink and a steam-oven combination, features two smart hobs. Two induction hobs are magnetically attached to the wall. When you have finished slicing on the workbench, remove one or both dishes from the wall and start cooking.

ONE 140 liter compressor refrigerator also finds a place in the stone pine box. By the way, the Austrian manufacturer has made sure that the built-in electrical appliances are manufactured at a short distance and do not have long delivery routes.

ONE bath with separate shower is part of the basic equipment. The surface in the shower and sink is from Corian. The Treasurer 4×4 modified the partition toilet so that it can be rinsed with water. Urine flows into the heated sewage tank. The folding sink is located above the toilet. In this way, the narrow space is used optimally. The 400 liter fresh water tank provides travelers with drinking water for several days.

In the middle of the bathroom, we would say, there is a front door that leads through a small room to the driver’s cab. This type of wardrobe includes electronics of the vehicle, consisting of two LifePo4 batteries, two inverter chargers and two solar chargers. There is also space for a compact washing machine and heating controls.

Cashier 4x4 stone pine box


The large group of U-shaped seats can be converted into a bed.

The model we inspected is designed for two people. However, the large bench included in the table can be converted into an extra bed if required.

Terrace for exit

A hydraulic platform is attached to the outside – including the aircraft stairs. Thanks to the hydraulic awning, which runs the entire length of the stone pine box, a large terrace is created. On the outside of the stone box there are practical storage boxes for accessories, grill and Co.


The stone pine box is definitely something for lovers of natural materials and rustic design. We would never have imagined that you could have a wood stove in a caravan. Those who like to sleep outdoors will get their money’s worth on special bedding – and in bad weather you can just close the roof.

One thing remains a mystery: the price of a box of stone pine is only discussed when it is clear that you have the means.

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