The coronavirus rules in Turkey for travel, vacation, entry

The relationship between Germany and Turkey is special – because of the many Germans with roots in the Bosphorus. These Corona rules apply in the country.

For many people living in Germany, the Turkey also a piece of the house. And for many more a popular travel destination. But what is incomprehensible about the coronavirus crisis in the Bosphorus country? We clarify.

The Foreign Ministry warns of travel to Turkey for tourist purposes

Turkey is currently classified as a high-risk area and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns of unnecessary tourist trips to the country. But they are not forbidden. Anyone wishing to enter the country must complete an online form from the Turkish Ministry of Health within 72 hours of arrival – valid from the age of 13.

The form that writes “ADACIt can also be transferred to German or English will be checked at check-in or check-in. Travelers then receive an approval code – the so-called “HES code” – which must be presented in Turkey during the checks. This code is also available via SMS or through the app.

Coronavirus rules in Turkey: In addition to PCR, antigen testing is possible as evidence

In addition, before entering Turkey, any person over the age of 12 must have a vaccination certificate or proof of health, otherwise a PCR test of no more than 72 hours or an antigen test from the previous 48 hours is required. When traveling by air, this is checked at check-in. Passing passengers and the transport sector, ie flight crews, truck drivers and seafarers, are exempt from the controls.

Temperature measurement awaits those who enter the country. If fever is detected or there are other symptoms of coronavirus, additional health tests are performed.

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Caution: From Iran, only Turkish nationals and persons residing in Turkey are allowed to enter the country by land. There are currently no Greek-Turkish ferry connections.

Coronavirus measures in Turkey: ‘HES code’ also checked on trains and buses

If there is a stopover for more than 24 hours during the change of transit flights from Turkey abroad, the “HES code” for the domestic Turkish catering flight must be presented.

The “HES code” is also checked for flights, train or bus travel within the country. According to the State Department, only one negative PCR test is sufficient in addition to vaccination or recovery.

Turkey divides its provinces into four levels according to the rate of vaccination and the number of infections: There are blue, yellow, orange and red zones. In the latter there is a very high risk. Additional regional restrictions may be imposed depending on the regime.

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In the country, the mask must be worn in all public places, in supermarkets and on public transport. This also applies to parks and beaches. In addition, it is required to keep a distance of three steps from other people – this corresponds to about one meter.

According to “ADAC”, in Turkey there is a ban on smoking in public places. The “HES code” is also required in restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. Music can only be played in bars and clubs until midnight.

violations of Corona Rules can lead to fines.

Return from Turkey: Quarantine awaits people in Germany without vaccination or recovery

As Turkey is considered a high risk area from a German point of view, a digital entry declaration is required for those returning to Germany. Proof of vaccination or recovery is also required. Alternatively, a test that does not exceed 48 hours must be submitted and a ten-day quarantine must follow. This can be terminated by taking a free test after five days at the earliest. Examinations are not mandatory for children under the age of six, but must be isolated for five days.

According to “ADAC”, when you return by your own car, you can only go through Bulgaria or the two Turkish-Greek borders to Kipi and Kastanies. With the last two, however, the number of border crossings per day is limited.

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