Corona: What applies to train travel at Christmas and what is important


Deutsche Bahn: What Travelers Need to Know About Christmas

Corona: 2G plus plus should come

Corona: 2G plus plus should come

The fourth wave of coronavirus is currently causing Germany. Since 2G and 2G-plus can often be found, 2G-plus plus will come now.

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Deutsche Bahn makes travel safer during the coronavirus pandemic. Many long-distance trains are already well maintained. What you need to know about Christmas.

Berlin. How do you go to relatives, friends or on a Christmas holiday? To make travel even safer in the Corona era, Deutsche Bahn is increasing its rail capacity. “Around Christmas, from December 22 to January 2, we also set circles 100 special trains especially for the high-demand connections, ”said DB Fernverkehr CEO Michael Peterson, to our editorial team. “By the end of this year we will have more long-distance trains on the tracks than ever before.”

According to the manager, the goal is clear: “We want to make travel safer at Christmas. “Those who have to travel during the day should be able to do it safely and with good feeling.” Via bigger and bigger trains passengers will be given more space and distance on trains. Special trains are used on busy routes such as Berlin-Stuttgart, Berlin-Munich, from NRW to Berlin or Hamburg-Karlsruhe or Essen-Berlin. Tickets for this can already be booked.

Safe travel: 40 extra staff service at major train stations

Deutsche Bahn is already expanding its range of trains for winter time, which is valid from 12 December. In long-distance trains there is then permanent 50,000 more seats. “We also deploy about 40 service staff at each of the eight largest stations – in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt / Main, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart and Mannheim,” says Peterson. These “passenger guides” should help to ensure that passengers are evenly distributed on the platforms. They also help in boarding and disembarking.

Long-distance trains are already quite well booked for Christmas. “THE booking numbers “Christmas is above last year’s numbers, but at 35 to 40 percent it is still well below its pre-coronary 2019 level,” says Peterson. In 2020, bookings were still more than 60 percent below the 2019 level.

Train: Avoid the main day of travel on December 23 if possible

If you want to travel with less crowded trains during the Christmas drive, “you should choose Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesday before Christmas,” Peterson recommends. “From main day of travel “According to the current booking situation, Christmas will be on December 23.” However, train customers can also be informed of the expected capacity utilization on the DB booking platform.

The railway is trying to increase the fullness of the trains Prices I check. This means that there are fewer fare tickets for trains that could be filled. However, many customers also travel at flexible prices and therefore without being tied to a train. “So we recommend that all passengers book a seat.”

The train is a safe means of transport: fewer than average coronavirus diseases

So far, long-distance trains have proven to be a safe means of transport during the coronavirus pandemic. Masks are mandatory on all trains and recently there was one 3G proof necessary. The waves of coronavirus disease did not break out in training attendants who are in constant contact with clients. “So far, our long-haul personnel have been less affected than the national average,” Peterson said.

The long distance transmission panel attributes it to safety standards. “The complete exchange of air on the trains takes place through it air conditioners every seven minutes. “Many studies show that there is no increased risk of coronavirus infection on trains due to air exchange and the obligation to use a mask.”

Overall, most travelers behaved “very responsibly and sensibly.” “THE masks worn voluntarily and properly by a good 99 percent of travelers. “Less than 1 percent are notorious objections,” Peterson said.

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Train checks: Only a few breaches of the 3G obligation

So far there have been few problems with the new 3G requirement on trains. “Most traveler they voluntarily present their proofs “, said the Board of Directors. Anyone who violates 3G will be expelled from the train, will have to be tested and will be able to continue on the next train. “On average, only 40 people find themselves breaking 3G a day – with 250,000 travelers a day.” 9,000 DB Security employees are on duty every day.

Overall, more travelers are using the train again. “Long-distance traffic has recovered very well this year until the end of October. The workload it was about 50 percent. For comparison: In 2019, the average occupancy rate was 58 percent. ” However, demand fell sharply again in November due to the increased incidence. Overall, however, the head of long-distance transport is optimistic that rail traffic will recover: “Once restrictions are eased, we expect demand to rise again rapidly in 2022.”

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