Scholz flies to Moscow, Deutsche Welle now has the opportunity to go with him

Heycolleagues from “Tagesspiegel” took a closer look. And check who is allowed to accompany the Federal Chancellor on his trips to Kyiv and Moscow and who is not. Who in the press takes one of the coveted, narrow positions in Olaf Solz’s chancellor? A seat was reserved for a journalist from Deutsche Welle – for the flight to Kyiv. For the flight to Moscow on February 15 no.

First, the Kremlin issued a ban on broadcasting to the German foreign broadcaster, commissioned by the Bundestag and funded by the Chancellor’s budget, in retaliation for the suspension of the Russian state broadcaster RT DE, which had no German. Moscow closes studio and withdraws accreditation from journalists.

Then not even Deutsche Welle is allowed to travel with the chancellor to Putin: It was only after the Tagesspiegel report that government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit realized what a fatal message the federal government was sending. “To avoid any misunderstandings,” Hebestreit wrote on Twitter: “Deutsche Welle has been invited to the Chancellor’s visit to Moscow.”

This is nice, but it’s not a “misunderstanding,” but rather a sign that the federal government is wandering helplessly in the real world of Vladimir Putin’s colonial policies. Sending 5,000 helmets to Ukraine is the maximum that the traffic light coalition will agree on when it comes to providing aid to a country that fears an invasion by Russian troops. So it fits the picture that a reporter from German foreign radio and television does not go to the court of the new tsar from the beginning.

“Real shame”

The Bundestag’s human rights spokesman Michael Bradt told the Tagesspiegel: “The German Chancellor who does not take Deutsche Welle, the only German foreign television station, on a trip to whose government, in violation of international rules, the closure of Deutsche Welle’s office is not only politically cowardly, but also shows the problem of this chancellor, who no longer even wants to defend the fundamental right to a free press. This is a unique process and to put it in plain English, Mr Scholz: a pity! “

What did Deputy Government Spokesman Wolfgang Büchner and Culture Minister Claudia Roth say earlier? Deutsche Welle’s broadcast ban is an attack on press freedom. It was an “aggressive act,” Roth said, and required “dialogue” and “de-escalation.” Is preventive obedience to a despot the right condition for this? The Russian Foreign Ministry said that journalists traveling with the chancellor would of course be allowed to accompany him to Moscow.

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