Hello pet specialist, can my four-legged friend go on vacation with you?

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An animal expert explains
Traveling with your pet: the most important tips

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Taking pets on vacation: is it a good idea? What should be considered? An animal expert knows more about this and gives valuable advice.

Keeping a pet is not so easy if you really want to do everything right. Animal experts have the answer to important questions on this subject. Today: What to consider if you want to bring your pet on vacation.

Taking a dog on vacation is perfectly possible these days. But is it appropriate? What about other pets, such as cats or other small animals? And then it’s not just the trip you have to manage: If you want to go abroad, you have to comply with the applicable entry requirements and regulations on the spot. Also, the property must say yes to bringing an animal. And last but not least, the climate can also be a real challenge for animal companions.

Animals are creatures that should be happy – everyone agrees on that. But love for animals is something like this: Some do not always take rules very seriously, while others mean well, but do not do everything right when it comes to dogs, cats and the like. It is a good idea to keep going in the right place to avoid mistakes. BILD der FRAU does this for you and asks the experts important questions about pets. Today: The most important tips if you want to travel with your favorite animal.

Traveling with the pet: An expert explains what to look out for

Before each trip, especially abroad, you should check your four-legged friend with a doctor and check if he meets the local requirements: “If you start planning on time and receive a lot of information in advance, you save a lot. problem and the animal a lot of stress “, says Sarah Ross, pet expert at the global foundation for animal welfare Four Paws. What else is important? The expert spoke to BILD der FRAU about this and gives advice on traveling with dogs, cats and the like.

BILD der FRAU: Basically – are dog-only trips recommended, ie without other pets?

Sarah Ross:

Dogs are definitely the easiest companions to travel with, as they generally travel a lot with their owners. They often travel by train, bus or car.

Cats generally tend to stay indoors and like to be in their familiar environment. If you take small animals with you on trips, you usually need to take a lot of equipment with you, such as the enclosure. Therefore, dogs are not the only potential travel partners, but certainly the easiest.

How do I know if my pet is suitable even for a vacation trip?

If you are not sure, you should check the animal with your veterinarian. You should take this opportunity to tell us about your holiday plans. In practice, you can check the animal to see if it is suitable for travel and you can also get advice on whether the animal has had all the necessary vaccinations.

In the case of dogs, it is relatively easy to determine if they are able to travel: Does the animal like to travel by car or train or vomit frequently or howl constantly? Does he find his way quickly in an unfamiliar environment or does he react under pressure?

Bicycle transfer, accommodation in a boarding house for animals

Occasionally you will see pets riding bicycle trailers or bicycle baskets. What do you think about this?

Getting dogs with trailers or baskets on bike trips is a good choice. The dog can participate in the excursion, but will not be paid by the effort and long distances. However, the dog must be accustomed to walking, otherwise he may feel very uncomfortable.

Are there any objections to occasional kennel accommodation? Or is it a better alternative than taking your dog with you?

There is nothing wrong with a good kennel. However, you should check in advance if the boarding house is suitable for your pet and if the boarding house is clean, affectionate and animal friendly.

Most dogs love to come with you on vacation because they like to be with their families. But if a trip is not suitable for dogs – say, a spa vacation or an airplane trip – then it may be best for the animal to be housed elsewhere.

Traveling by train, car, ship and plane: Four Paws gives tips

  • Traveling with the dog on the train: That The 9 euro ticket makes rail travel particularly attractive at the moment. But: “Due to the large number of people, the unusual noises and the commotion at the train stations at the moment, traveling by train with dogs should be avoided. The leg or tail is kicked. If you really want to travel by train with a dog, you have to book off-peak tickets, here you have the opportunity for the trains to be a bit empty “, recommends Sarah Ross. training in time so that the dog gets used to it. Wearing a muzzle is also part of it. “The muzzle must be inserted into the dog if requested by the train crew. Danger: The 9 euro ticket does not automatically include a dog ticket.
  • Traveling with the dog in the car: The most animal-friendly form of travel, dogs are also often familiar with transporting them this way. Drivers can take breaks to feed the dog, offer water or go for a walk. However, the dog should be secured in a cage or leash during the journey: “During the journey, the dog should not be allowed to stick its head out of the window. It can be struck by flying branches or debris or warns of conjunctivitis Sarah Ross. Very important: “Never leave your dog unattended in the car on hot summer days, even if the car is parked in the shade.”
  • Traveling with the dog on the ship: First of all, it should be clarified whether the animal is navigable. “Just like us humans, dogs can also get sick from the sea,” explains the pet expert. “The first thing you need to do is find out if the dog is comfortable in the water. You can easily spot it on a small boat tour of a local body of water.” On most ships, dogs are only allowed limited movement, sometimes they have to be left alone on the car deck during transit. Also, check in advance if dogs are allowed on board, if there is a hiking area and how the dog will be housed. “Anyone who wants to get their dog on a boat should also book in time, as the number of seats for four-legged friends is often limited. When booking, you should specifically ask about the rules on how to keep the dog. your dog on board even if certain breeds are not allowed, ”according to Sarah Ross.
  • Traveling with the dog on the plane: “Air travel is not recommended for a dog and is always a big burden for the animal,” says the four-legged expert. “Especially if the dog is not allowed to fly with its man in the passenger compartment, but needs to be housed in a box in the hold, you really need to consider very carefully if you want to put your dog in this stress.” Smaller and lighter dogs – usually between five and ten pounds, regulations vary by airline – can be carried in the cabin.

What is also important when flying with a dog, to get to your destination without stress.

Four Paws is the global animal welfare organization for animals under direct human influence, identifying, rescuing and protecting endangered animals. The focus is on stray dogs and cats, as well as pets, farm animals and wildlife that have been improperly guarded, as well as from disaster and conflict zones.


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