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Book a vacation: where you can go for a cheap summer vacation in 2022. (assembly kreiszeitung.de) © Sven Simon / Imago / Patrick Pleul / dpa

Going out on holiday – this is finally the motto for many Germans this summer as well. But booking for summer vacations has also become expensive. Where to travel cheaply in 2022.

Hannover – Summer is just around the corner and the Germans will finally go on holiday again in 2022 after two exhausting years of coronavirus. But when booking for the 2022 summer vacation, some might be shocked. Because like the prices in everyday life, so this year the expenses for holidays have increased significantly. But this is not true for all destinations – kreiszeitung.de reveals where you can still make cheap holidays in 2022.

Book Holidays 2022: Where else can you go for a cheap summer vacation this summer?

Those who love travel are especially aware of the rising costs of summer holidays in 2022 when booking flights. Because according to the price comparison portal “Idealo”, for example, a summer holiday flight to Mallorca cost about 61 percent more in May than three years ago – before the coronavirus pandemic. According to reports, it was 71 percent more after Alicante and 41 percent more after the Lighthouse in the Portuguese Algarve. tagesschau.de. Even in the Mediterranean, you can still make a cheap vacation.

The real reasons for this can not be clearly determined. The German Aviation Industry Association strongly justifies price increases tagesschau.de with increased kerosene prices, while ARD aviation expert Michael Immel considers it only partially reasonable. According to him, the airlines have suffered losses in recent years for obvious reasons, which they are now trying to recover with a renewed desire to travel to the summer holidays of 2022. Another reason for the high prices of holiday flights in 2022 could be also be the extreme lack of staff. That is why Lufthansa was forced to cancel more than 1,000 flights in July.

Book Holidays 2022 in Mallorca: Flights are getting significantly more expensive – where you can now fly cheaply

On the other hand, what speaks in favor of the recovery of written damages from airlines is that, according to “Idealo”, air prices are rising significantly at the moment, especially for the so-called “hot water destinations” for the holidays. 2022 like Mallorca of Greece. or Portugal. A flight to Mexico City, on the other hand, cost about 27 percent less in May than before the coronavirus. Long-distance connections, such as the Dominican Republic or the United States – where coronavirus testing is no longer required for travelers entering the country – have also become cheaper despite higher kerosene prices.

Holidays in Germany: The 9 euro ticket makes it cheap in 2022 – but where should it go?

But if you want to make a relatively cheap vacation in the summer of 2022, you do not necessarily have to fly away. Thanks to the € 9 ticket, travel within Germany can also be cheap fun. Opportunities should be spent this summer vacation according to Concentrate better to go to East or West Germany. Because according to the news magazine, a family of three in Berlin, for example, pays around 600 euros for a trip and a week in a three-star hotel with breakfast.

On the other hand, you should avoid the popular holiday resorts in Germany. And there, supply and demand determine the price segment, so things can become expensive in the North and Baltic Seas and in the Alps between July and September. In Sylt, on the other hand, there is chaos right now for other reasons: punks are causing despair in holiday island restaurants, who are thinking, “We can close the shop.”

Cheap holiday destinations in the summer of 2022: Holidays in Turkey are significantly cheaper than in Croatia or Greece

If you do not want to stay in Germany for the 2022 summer holidays despite the higher prices, but you want to book a trip to southern Europe, you need to follow some tips. Because Spain, Greece, Italy and also Croatia are more expensive than ever this summer, there are a few things to keep in mind if you still want to get there cheap. The same goes for travelers aloud Concentrate Do not book during high season, opt for excursions, look for discount coupons and choose smaller German airports as your departure point. From Bremen Airport, for example, you can also get to the wider world.

If you want to go a cheap vacation without this logistical “effort” and are open to other travel destinations, you can enjoy bargain opportunities in Turkey. There, high inflation ensures extremely friendly prices for visitors – in addition, all coronavirus rules have been lifted in Turkey.

Bulgaria and Albania also make the hearts of travel-loving hunters beat faster. Because these holiday destinations are not yet flooded with tourists in the summer, prices for flights and hotels are mediocre. At the same time, more and more airlines are flying there from Germany, which is expanding the range of services.

Holidays all inclusive 2022: organized tours can be much cheaper – especially in Mallorca

In general, all-inclusive vacations may also be worthwhile in the summer of 2022. Because although travel portals such as Holidaycheck also find significantly higher prices in this area, package travel agents have an advantage: They have been able to provide cheap flights very early, especially to destinations such as Mallorca, to which they are transported in large numbers, and now pass on this price advantage to their customers, says tagesschau.de.

As a result, prices for all-inclusive travel in Mallorca have risen far less than the net cost of flying to the popular holiday island. But even this offer of cheap flights from travel agent packages has a limit – once that is achieved, prices for all-inclusive travel are also rising again. Where cheap flights are still available, holidaymakers can still book affordable excursions. An all inclusive week for about 400 euros is noisy Concentrate in Turkey, for example, this is not uncommon.

Summer Vacation 2022: Where to Go on Vacation? The travel agency can help with the booking – flights are often cheaper

It may also be helpful to actually go to the travel agency when booking a summer vacation in 2022 – it sounds old-fashioned, but it’s true. Because cheap tour operators’ tickets there can be noisy tagesschau.de can also be sold individually without having to book an entire hotel package. Although such flights may not be offered online, travel agents have the right to sell them individually.

Where can you get a cheap vacation in 2022? The destination moves into the background for many – the prices in the spotlight

Therefore, there are a few things to consider in the 2022 summer vacation if you want to get a cheap vacation. In particular, it depends on the travel destination how deep you have to dig in your pocket. That’s why lesser known destinations are becoming more and more popular right now. In a survey by travel agency Skyscanner, 42 percent of respondents said they were flexible about where and when they traveled. Publishing network Germany.

Many travel enthusiasts are no longer looking for specific travel destinations, but for the cheapest deals – no wonder, given the prices. But the desire to travel remains.

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