Is there a risk of travel chaos at German airports in the summer?

Following several waves of coronavirus, another wave of travel is crossing Germany this summer. But that seems to be flooding airports. There is probably no improvement in the short term.

crown it’s not over yet, but this summer looks a lot like the years before the pandemic. Especially when it comes to holidays, because long distance travel is currently possible without significant restrictions.

Honestly, this is only half true, because reports of flight cancellations and chaotic conditions at airports have been worrying in recent weeks. The lack of staff is said to be responsible for the fact that the machines do not take off and that handling at airports is time consuming.

This was especially noticeable during the Pentecost holidays. But even during the main travel period in June, July and August, there is almost no improvement to be expected.

Holiday vacation chaos? Airport official waits for “many children crying and screaming”

The Rheinische Post reports an employee checking in at Düsseldorf Airport who, in view of the summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRWFears: “There will be an infinite number of families with children who will go on long vacations again after two years of the pandemic. And so we will see and hear many children crying and screaming. This is definitely safe for me.”

Dozens of flights are canceled daily in the state capital alone. The report mentions sometimes turbulent scenes in which the federal police have to intervene.

From Black Forest Messenger writes that Lufthansa will cancel only 900 flights within Germany and Europe in July. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are particularly affected.

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As a result, Eurowings will receive several hundred flights from the offer that month. According to him, the spontaneous cancellations at the end of Pentecost in North Rhine-Westphalia would have led to drama at Dusseldorf and Cologne-Bonn airports. Maybe just a taste of summer at busy airports? The risk seems great that the desire to travel can quickly turn into travel frustration.

Airports plunge into chaos: many coronavirus infections among airline staff

Especially since at Eurowings the high level of sick leave is said to be responsible for the lack of staff. Numerous coronavirus infections have been reported in the workforce. And the next wave of viruses seems to be just coming in.

Several thousand workers are reportedly missing at German airports. Munich and Frankfurt airports are particularly affected. In the Bavarian state capital, instead of about 10,000 people, there are now only 8,700 employed. This is mainly due to early retirement regulations and vacancies. It is said over and over again that workers have migrated to other industries due to the uncertain situation during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Frankfurt alone, 1,000 jobs will be filled for luggage and groundhandling services. Nobody wants to talk about chaos here. However, apparently he should be “trained”. Officials could lead the loading crew to the plane, he said. Black Forest Messenger representative of the Fraport airport company.

Video: dpa

Airports under constant stress: Hundreds of suitcases in Hamburg – recruitment attack in Stuttgart

A real suitcase mess sometimes prevailed at Hamburg airport, as photos and videos reveal. There, abandoned luggage was piled up like crowds of ordinary holidaymakers in anticipation of their departure.

Obviously the people in charge have made a completely wrong calculation. Like the gate 24 Hamburg reported that 1.1 million passengers passed through the airport in May, but operators were expecting just 45,000 passengers on peak days.

Stuttgart Airport, on the other hand, sees itself armed. “The Pentecost holiday was our test run – and it worked very well with a lot more traffic,” she said. Black Forest Messenger. Although workers have also been relocated here, a recruitment attack has begun: “The vast majority of 200 posts have been filled.”

Good for those whose plane is taking off: Many flights from German airports will be canceled this summer.

Photo: Boris Roessler, dpa (symbol image)

Many vacancies at airports: labor market experts do not expect staff situation to normalize this year

Do the conclusions draw from the most recent experiences at other airports? Some people have their doubts about this.

Marija Linnhoff, head of the Association of Independent Self-Employed Travel Agencies, also spoke on the report. He almost seems to be in despair: “As usual, there is only a B plan when the clock strikes five-twelve. We can not allow it, and that is why action must finally be taken now, in the interests of travelers and the industry as a whole. “

Even Enzo Weber of the Institute for Labor Market and Professional Research (IAB) does not believe in rapid improvement. According to the labor market expert, the big problem in the tourism industry is that no new employees have been hired for a long time.

Although the companies wanted to reopen quickly after the coronavirus-related lockdowns, they were not prepared for the current rush. “The coronavirus is very fast for the job market,” says Weber Publishing network Germany the finger on the wound.

He speaks of a “special situation” in the tourism sector. The employment situation will take some time to normalize again: “You will not end it this year”. Not an encouraging proposition for summer vacationers in Germany 2022.

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