Waldschlösschen Kyritz is the host of the year 2022

Read for free until 12:37 p.m Rest break at Alte Poststrasse in Kyritz Waldschlösschen Kyritz currently has the “Host of the Year” quality seal. German cuisine is served in the restaurant. The dishes are largely prepared from local products. Kyritz. The “Host of the Year” seal of quality hangs in the entrance area of ​​the … Read more

Restaurant Hamburg: Helo – great Brazilian cuisine for beginners

Restaurant in Hamburg Helo – friendly Brazilian cuisine for beginners Updated: 09/07/2022, 10:00 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes Gerd Rindchen recommends Brazilian cuisine at Helo in the Colonnaden. Photo: Berthold Fabricius The restaurant at Colonnaden offers good home cooking. Gourmet expert Gerd Rindchen particularly recommends a main course. =tqbo dmbttµ#bsujdmf“mpdbujpo#?Ibncvsh/’octq´=0tqbo?Xåisfoe tjdi jo =tuspoh?Ibncvsh=0tuspoh? kb … Read more

How much does it cost to bake a ready made pizza? Saving electricity and energy in the kitchen

Saving electricity in the kitchen How much does it cost to bake a ready made pizza? 07/08/2022, 3:48 pm (updated) Energy is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. So it’s worth saving up for. Also in the kitchen, when baking and cooking. This area represents about eleven percent of the total annual electricity consumption of an … Read more

No one goes home hungry at the Ox Festival

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Sylt: Left-wing protest camp planned in Westerland – ‘Watch out, the ruckus is coming!’

Sylt Left-wing protest camp planned in Westerland: “The ruckus is coming!” Updated: 07/08/2022, 18:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Similar to the protest camp against the A20 (here near Westerstede), the activists are also planning a camp on the green field in Sylt, which everyone can join for free. Photo: image alliance Activists want to … Read more

Simple home remedies for repulsive plague

Home panorama Was created: 07/08/2022, 1:50 pm Of: Lisa Bender Worms in the compost bin are anything but appetizing. Even the stench in summer is often unbearable. Simple tricks help prevent and fight the plague. Dortmund – summer disgust alert! As the summer temperatures rise, so do the number of worms in the organic bin. … Read more