Electric Brands XBUS Camper (2023): electric camper van

Innovations 2023 German start-up Electric Brands is bringing an electric bus to market. The XBUS will also be available in a camper version with a lifting roof from the market launch in 2023. In the Hessian Itzehoe sits get started called Electric Brands. In addition to the mini electric car “Evetta”, the company also manufactures … Read more

The founders from Münster develop do-it-yourself natural cosmetics

July 21, 2022 at 7:26 pm Startup Herbsom : Female founders develop do-it-yourself natural cosmetics. Herbsom founders (from left) Kathrin Fesenmeyer and Alica Klamm. Photo: gretacaptures Muenster One cream, many variants: With their start, two women want to assert themselves against competition from cosmetic companies. To do this, they are looking for new ways of … Read more

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides advice on starting your own business

Home civilization documenta Was created: 21/07/2022UPDATED: 21/07/2022, 2:18 pm Of: Paul Broeker Division Oliver Stöhr and Miriam Postlep from IHK Kassel-Marburg © Paul Bröker In the 100 Days project, we show how young people help Kassel. New start-up groups are changing the city, but they also need support – for example from the Chamber of … Read more

Startup from Fulda accused of negligent cannabis trade | hessenschau.de

A start-up from Fulda grows industrial hemp for its products. According to prosecutors, some of them allegedly have an intoxicating effect. He has filed charges. The trio of entrepreneurs call the process “eerie.” audio post Sound 00:47 minutes | 21/07/22 |Herman Diehl Lawsuit against cannabis startup Sound End of audio contribution The Fulda prosecutor brought … Read more

The Hofmolkerei Engelshof in Hetzerath sets new standards.

July 21, 2022 at 4:55 pm Start-Up Series : Engelshof will bring the pasture to the stable in the future David Engel and his colleague Friederike Hoffmann are in the process of bottling apricot yogurt. The small dairy farm in Hetzerath produces more than a million pots of yogurt a year. Photo: Sabine Schwadorf Hetzerath … Read more

The startup wants to create a reusable system for sending parcel services

Logistics play an important role in a green economy. Shutterstock/petrmalinak Logistics play an important role in a green economy. Shutterstock/petrmalinak How a startup with modern software enables the management of reusable packaging in a closed-loop sense. xpack green logistics GmbH & Co. KG is a start-up dealing with green logistics and solutions for sustainable parcel … Read more

The rise and fall of a flagship start-up

Sometimes there is only a fine line that separates victory from defeat. In the case of Berlin Blockchain start-up Lition, there are a few fateful weeks in the fall of 2021. They are upending the European energy industry – and the successful company faces an insurmountable abyss. In the summer of 2021, the two founders … Read more

The start-up in Hamburg delivers items from the hardware store – in just 45 minutes

Delivery service in Hamburg The start-up delivers items from the hardware store – in 45 minutes Updated: 21/07/2022, 06:00 The founders of the special delivery service (from left): Hasib Khan, Robert Kosobucki and Christian Puell. Photo: Bringoo The company is raising millions in investment and wants to expand. The special feature: Deliveries are not only … Read more