Who wants to give Tom & Jerry cats from the animal shelter a chance?

Who wants to give Tom & Jerry cats from the animal shelter a chance?

Updated: 07/02/2022 – 13:24 You are looking for a loving home Tomcats Too Young: Who wants to give Tom & Jerry a second chance? Photo: Clara Rechenberg / Animal Shelter Berlin The two cute tomcats Tom and Jerry currently live in the Berlin animal shelter and are looking for a new home. The Berlin animal … Read more

“Bobby” the cat shot an air gun

Schmachtenhagen. For most people, their pet is much more than just a four-legged roommate. He is a companion, a comforter, a member of the family – even worse if something happens to the beloved four-legged friend. Mario and Claudia Tege had to experience this these days, as their son-in-law Pascal Bergmann mentioned in an interview … Read more

Is Haltis really good for dogs? An expert reveals

Updated: 30/06/2022 – 20:21 Dog trainer André Vogt knows this Paper instead of a dog leash: is it really a good idea? Photo: Getty Images / WiindWolfPhotography Some dog owners swear by dogs, others would never use them. So how good is Haltis? Our expert knows that. In addition to the classic collar and leash … Read more

Poly: Flexible, independent and well-equipped: The employee of the future work hybrid / hands-free speakers, headphones and video bars offer the necessary freedom for the hybrid working world of tomorrow – ots press portal – advertorials

Munich (ots) – Our work environment is currently undergoing a fundamental process of change: hybrid work models are on the rise, replacing dead-end structures and processes in many places. What was still a “nice to have” a few years ago is now a basic requirement for many employees that they no longer want to do … Read more

Low maintenance pets: fish, bearded dragon & Co.

Pets with low maintenance Bearded Dragons, Fish & Co. as pets © Satit _Srihin / Adobe Stock Children can learn a lot from animals – but getting a pet should be carefully considered. You can find out here which animals are among the low-maintenance pets. Pets are very popular with children – not always for … Read more

What do spiders eat and are they dangerous?

In the house you will find spiders all year round, the so-called house spiders. You can find out what they feed on and whether they are poisonous here. Easy explanation: what do spiders eat? Spiders always have eight feet and her body consists of two parts. It is different with insects, which have six legs … Read more

Smart pet food at a low price

With the Medion automatic feeder, your pets are always well cared for. It does not matter if you are in a meeting at your home office or on the go. Feeding times can be easily adjusted so you do not have to skip any meals. Thanks to the programmable number of portions, there is practically … Read more