Founder convinces with flower box on the balcony

April 22, 2022 at 8:22 a.m. Vegetable sets for the balcony by mail : Wegberg founder scores with flower box on “Lion’s Den” The two founders Anne Baltes-Schlueter (left) from Arsbeck and Alice Özserin present a balcony planting sheep in “The Lion’s Den”. Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer Wegberg / Cologne With the start-up of … Read more

From the cafeteria to Gnuss Bistro

The restaurant of the Münsingen old-age center woke up from its slumber. Following a pandemic-related closure, it has become almost a hip bar. Gnuss Bistro offers local cuisine prepared by top chefs. Yanick Mumenthaler (28) lives in Oppligen and has been in charge of the catering department at the Münsingen Foundation for seniors for six … Read more

Process automation: The cloud behind the new Camunda 8 platform

Camunda celebrates the launch of the Camunda 8 platform as a milestone. With it, its Berlin-based process automation software provider proclaims nothing less than the “era of the universal orchestral processor.” The idea behind this: The Camunda 8 platform should help companies build scalable, robust, and fail-safe automation of complex business processes across all relevant … Read more

Raccoons: How dangerous are these cute animals?

Wild raccoons first appeared on our latitudes in the 1930s. The cute predator with the curled tail and black face mask from North America was transported to Europe for fur farming. Individual specimens escaped from breeding farms or were deliberately released into the wild, such as in 1934 at Edersee in Hesse. With no natural … Read more

Fighting cyber attacks – “Good” hackers make good money – due to “bad” hackers – News

“I think it’s great because I can finally do what I always wanted to do,” says Andreas Hauser, smiling. Schaffhausen’s native violates the computer systems of Swiss companies 15 hours a week. From the small, dark room on the top floor of his small pedestrian house. Legal, because he is the so-called “moral hacker”. So … Read more

“Start-up idea contest”: show the women founders who lead the ideas

Graz (A) Vegetable skins made from grain scraps, propulsion systems for small and medium-sized spacecraft – or post-payment terminals for electric cars: With the “Start-up Idea Competition”, Science Park Graz serves as a launching pad for entrepreneurship. The female founders won half of the six categories of this year’s innovation competition. Six categories and an … Read more

Test drive – Stromern in cloud nine

– Stromern in cloud nine With the EQE, Mercedes brings a second large sedan with electric drive. A lot of luxury, technology and range are its features. Published: 20/04/2022 15:00 As a purely electric business sedan, EQE competes with the Tesla Model S. Photo: Mercedes Build, create, build a house – this Swabian saying can … Read more

Strategy, Trends, Growth, Size, Share, Demand and Forecast by 2028 – Pethealth Inc., HomeAgain, Bayer, Buy Pet Microchips 2022

Microchips for pets The Pet Microchips Market report provides historical and current global market growth drivers. The report contains financial data gathered from various research sources to provide a specific and reliable analysis. The report provides information on the world’s top regions and countries along with regional development status, volume, market size, market value and … Read more